Vacay Time!

The last week before my Christmas break had been insanely stressful. I could punch every person who said our last course was supposed to be easy. It was not; at least not for me.  There wasn’t a lot of theory, but the practical was a struggle for me. But I managed to understand it in the end.

I believe it was Tuesday when we began to do fault finding. That was a bad day for me. It wasn’t sinking in for me. I got so flustered and frustrated to the point where I just wanted to go hide and cry. I  didn’t want to fail. While most of my coursemates completed 10 faults or more completed by the end of the day, I had a measly 5. So that night I studied the schematics and theory some more.

The next day I was doing a bit better, and with some help from my instructor everything began to make more sense. By the end of the day I had done 16 faults and was definitely feeling a lot better. I spent pretty much the whole night studying my tush off. I had both my written and practical exams the next morning.

The written exam I didn’t feel good about. There were a lot of questions where I felt a bit unsure about. But I did a lot better than I had expected. Even scoring higher than some other people who normally do well! That was a major confidence booster. I was feeling a whole lot better about doing the practical.

The practical went a lot smoother. It only took me 40 minutes to complete my 5 faults, which is impressive considering on our first day of fault finding it took me probably close to 2 hours to do 5 faults! I passed with flying colours!

I’m almost half way though my Christmas break, which is sad. I wish I had more time at home. It hasn’t really felt like Christmas this year. I blame mother nature being drunk. Let’s see earlier this week it was actually warmer here than it was in some parts of California. For those of you unfamiliar where I live, normally at this time of year we have snow and are sitting below zero.

Christmas eve was spent at my parents with my husband. Instead of doing the traditional turkey or ham we grilled steaks! It was delicious! Felt a little strange at first but it was grilling weather! Today we’re doing the big Polish Christmas dinner with my husbands family. There will be lots of yummy foods! Tomorrow we’re driving up to Trenton to visit my Brother and his family, doing Christmas #3 with them. Then it’s back home for a few more days.

Since coming home I’ve finally sink my teeth into Fallout4. It’s better than I had expected. I’m not big on FPS games, mainly because they stress me out a lot. But playing with my hubby right next to me has eased my stress. Mainly because I can throw the controller at him if I’m starting to feel really stressed, lol! And he also offers a lot of moral support by coaching me through what I need to be doing.

This may be my last entry for year, so Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Turkey Day #2

I had planned to write this last night, but I was in a turkey coma when I got home. Still feeling the effects of the yummy turkey today…lol….

First, just a quick recap of Turkey Day #1 with my hubby’s family. It wasn’t too big, just about a dozen of so people there. Trust me, that’s not big. There was so much food! And so much variety! It wasn’t just turkey, it was also ham, smoked sausage, salads and many other different things. Dessert just about killed me. There was so much! And it was so good! We had a good time, I even had a drink. His mom made margaritas. It was a little strong for me, but other than that it was good. We came home with so many left overs!

Yesterday we went to my parent’s. It was smaller, but we’ve been doing that over the last few years. I mean we use to have almost 20 people, but it get’s very overwhelming and you don’t get to really enjoy yourself. I think there was only 10 of us in total. That’s including my niece and nephew. Again, there was a lot of food. A lot of yummy food. A lot of food that’s making me feel guilty.

Oh well, that’s what my gym membership is for, right? I’m gonna have to really work my booty off today at the gym. I’ll probably even go a few more times this week than what I normally do.

So now that my review is over, time to be thankful! A lot of people seem to just overlook it, but it’s really what we’re all celebrating. What are we thankful for? I have many things, but I’ll just list a few.

  • My husband. Without him I’d be one lost, lonely soul. He knows how to pick me up when I’m feeling down, he’s there for me when I need him the most. He also deals with our kitty’s litter box without me asking. I’m very thankful for that! I love him to the Moon and back!
  • My family. As much as they can drive me crazy at times, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They ground me, remind me who I really am. They’re my support. Even with all the set backs I’ve had in my life, they have always been there to help me out. Not bail me out, but give me that helping hand, that push to get back on my feet.
  • My job. Even if the Canadian Forces doesn’t work out, I know I have a place that will still keep me happy. I do honestly love my job. And it will be hard to say good-bye if I get accepted into the RCAF.

Irritated, Frustrated

I know I’m not alone in my experience, I’m very sure there are plenty of other people in my shoes. I knew this would happen. Hell it already had. When you are in a relationship with someone who’s family isn’t from Canada you expect there to be a lot of foreign language talking. My husbands family is Polish and although they can speak English they prefer to speak their native tongue. Understandable, I mean if I was in another country and knew how to speak their language I’d prefer to speak my own native language if others around me spoke English.

But when you go to countless family functions and you only catch the odd word here and there, it gets frustrating. And the way they talk is very… I don’t know how else to describe it other than aggressive. They tend to sound angry. I know it’s common with Slavic languages, but they carry the tone when they speak in English. So a lot of the time I feel like I’m being attacked.

It just get’s irritating after awhile. I feel like no matter what I say or do, it’s not the right answer. And when we get bombarded with questions like “why haven’t you bought a house yet?” or “why are you still renting? It’s a waste of money!” Yes, it may be a waste of money, but there’s no point to buy a house now when I don’t know where we will be a year from now. If I get into the RCAF I could be posted anywhere! So why waste time and money on a house that we may only have for maybe a year?

I can’t explain that to them. They wouldn’t understand. Mainly because they have a very negative opinion on the military. Which is completely understandable considering they all don’t have fond memories of war. But it’s not like I’d be going for infantry. I’m not going to be on the front lines or anything. Only my hubby’s parents know about my military dream. To explain it to the whole family would be a nightmare. And chances are they would make me feel terrible about it all before I had a chance to finish my explanation.

It just seems to feel like every family function they all get amnesia and forget everything that we told them before. Our story as to why we haven’t bought a house yet is “We don’t want to buy a place until we get some other things sorted out.” Which seems to do the trick, but some relatives still like to go on and on about why it’s good to buy a house and blah, blah, blah… I’m really getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over. Talk about a broken record.

I’m sorry for this long rant, but when you have just spent 7 1/2 hrs dealing with all this, your head feels like it’s about to explode.

Busy busy busy

I’ve been so busy lately. I apologize for the long gaps between my posts. Balancing my new job, the gym and life in general is a bit of a challenge it seems. I can’t remember if I mentioned it in my last post, if I did sorry. I’m feeling lazy and I don’t want to re-read my last post. Any ways, I’m continuing with my personal trainer at the gym. He’s been kicking my butt in gear. At least now it seems like it’s not taking me as long to recover. Last Thursday my legs were like jelly from doing lunges and squats. Friday I was sore, but not to the extent that I use to be. By Saturday I was about back to normal. So Yay! Progress! It’s hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks I’ve improved as much as I have.

My Aunt is in town visiting. She’s being posted to my hometown for the next year I believe. So she needed to go and find a place to live. Luckily that didn’t take her long. I got the spend the whole weekend with her, which was fun. I slept at my parent’s on Friday night. We went shopping in the the states (again) on Saturday. I didn’t buy much, but considering I was just there the previous weekend it’s not surprising. I got some good deals at Kohl’s.

I was supposed to go home that evening, but we were all pretty exhausted and my parents were going to have a BBQ on Sunday so I just stayed the night. Sunday was a bit of a lazy day. We went to the grocery store and lcbo. My SIL and nibblings came over for dinner. It was nice to have everyone together. I just wish I had short or one of my maxi dresses with me. All I had were dark jeans. Well I didn’t know I’d be staying over for more than 1 night. And Of course Sunday was hot.

Then after dinner, and after the hockey game, I was ready to go home. But oh wait, I can’t because no one was sober enough to drive me home. Yea, I wasn’t happy about that. I really wanted to just go home, sleep in my own bed, see my hubby, wear something other than jeans and a t-shirt. Also I had an appointment at the gym in the morning. So I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t going to cab home because that would have been $20+ and I didn’t want to waste my money.

I’m so exhausted now. It’s been such a busy weekend. It’s only 5pm and I can’t stop yawning. I thought about taking a nap, but I figured that’d just mess up my sleeping tonight. I just finished a cup of tea, so I’m waiting for that to kick in. I just wish it would kick in soon.

Switching gears, I recently started to re-read a fanfic I wrote YEARS ago. Oh god, I was embarrassed. And people actually liked it! Granted, the premise and plot was good, my writing style has changed so much! I got the feeling that I was just rushing my way through it. I wasn’t very descriptive. But I think this was a good thing for me to do; re-reading my old work. It has sort of motivated me to begin writing my own original story. Well I have many ideas in my head. It’s just figuring out my characters. By that I mean, giving them names and what they physically look like. I know their personalities, I just don’t know what I want them to look like. I find this kind of odd because you’d think that figuring out that would be easy. Nope, not in my case. I did at one point have names, but then I decided the names didn’t suit their personalities.

Oh well, one of these days I’ll get all my stuff figured out and I’ll be published and my books will be turned into movies! Well, I’d actually prefer a tv series, but beggars can’t be choosers!