Busy busy busy

I’ve been so busy lately. I apologize for the long gaps between my posts. Balancing my new job, the gym and life in general is a bit of a challenge it seems. I can’t remember if I mentioned it in my last post, if I did sorry. I’m feeling lazy and I don’t want to re-read my last post. Any ways, I’m continuing with my personal trainer at the gym. He’s been kicking my butt in gear. At least now it seems like it’s not taking me as long to recover. Last Thursday my legs were like jelly from doing lunges and squats. Friday I was sore, but not to the extent that I use to be. By Saturday I was about back to normal. So Yay! Progress! It’s hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks I’ve improved as much as I have.

My Aunt is in town visiting. She’s being posted to my hometown for the next year I believe. So she needed to go and find a place to live. Luckily that didn’t take her long. I got the spend the whole weekend with her, which was fun. I slept at my parent’s on Friday night. We went shopping in the the states (again) on Saturday. I didn’t buy much, but considering I was just there the previous weekend it’s not surprising. I got some good deals at Kohl’s.

I was supposed to go home that evening, but we were all pretty exhausted and my parents were going to have a BBQ on Sunday so I just stayed the night. Sunday was a bit of a lazy day. We went to the grocery store and lcbo. My SIL and nibblings came over for dinner. It was nice to have everyone together. I just wish I had short or one of my maxi dresses with me. All I had were dark jeans. Well I didn’t know I’d be staying over for more than 1 night. And Of course Sunday was hot.

Then after dinner, and after the hockey game, I was ready to go home. But oh wait, I can’t because no one was sober enough to drive me home. Yea, I wasn’t happy about that. I really wanted to just go home, sleep in my own bed, see my hubby, wear something other than jeans and a t-shirt. Also I had an appointment at the gym in the morning. So I wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t going to cab home because that would have been $20+ and I didn’t want to waste my money.

I’m so exhausted now. It’s been such a busy weekend. It’s only 5pm and I can’t stop yawning. I thought about taking a nap, but I figured that’d just mess up my sleeping tonight. I just finished a cup of tea, so I’m waiting for that to kick in. I just wish it would kick in soon.

Switching gears, I recently started to re-read a fanfic I wrote YEARS ago. Oh god, I was embarrassed. And people actually liked it! Granted, the premise and plot was good, my writing style has changed so much! I got the feeling that I was just rushing my way through it. I wasn’t very descriptive. But I think this was a good thing for me to do; re-reading my old work. It has sort of motivated me to begin writing my own original story. Well I have many ideas in my head. It’s just figuring out my characters. By that I mean, giving them names and what they physically look like. I know their personalities, I just don’t know what I want them to look like. I find this kind of odd because you’d think that figuring out that would be easy. Nope, not in my case. I did at one point have names, but then I decided the names didn’t suit their personalities.

Oh well, one of these days I’ll get all my stuff figured out and I’ll be published and my books will be turned into movies! Well, I’d actually prefer a tv series, but beggars can’t be choosers!


2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

    • maybe one day when I get my thoughts all sorted I’ll start posting my new works on here 🙂 Just none of my old work until I’ve had a chance to revise, lol!


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