Turkey Day #2

I had planned to write this last night, but I was in a turkey coma when I got home. Still feeling the effects of the yummy turkey today…lol….

First, just a quick recap of Turkey Day #1 with my hubby’s family. It wasn’t too big, just about a dozen of so people there. Trust me, that’s not big. There was so much food! And so much variety! It wasn’t just turkey, it was also ham, smoked sausage, salads and many other different things. Dessert just about killed me. There was so much! And it was so good! We had a good time, I even had a drink. His mom made margaritas. It was a little strong for me, but other than that it was good. We came home with so many left overs!

Yesterday we went to my parent’s. It was smaller, but we’ve been doing that over the last few years. I mean we use to have almost 20 people, but it get’s very overwhelming and you don’t get to really enjoy yourself. I think there was only 10 of us in total. That’s including my niece and nephew. Again, there was a lot of food. A lot of yummy food. A lot of food that’s making me feel guilty.

Oh well, that’s what my gym membership is for, right? I’m gonna have to really work my booty off today at the gym. I’ll probably even go a few more times this week than what I normally do.

So now that my review is over, time to be thankful! A lot of people seem to just overlook it, but it’s really what we’re all celebrating. What are we thankful for? I have many things, but I’ll just list a few.

  • My husband. Without him I’d be one lost, lonely soul. He knows how to pick me up when I’m feeling down, he’s there for me when I need him the most. He also deals with our kitty’s litter box without me asking. I’m very thankful for that! I love him to the Moon and back!
  • My family. As much as they can drive me crazy at times, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They ground me, remind me who I really am. They’re my support. Even with all the set backs I’ve had in my life, they have always been there to help me out. Not bail me out, but give me that helping hand, that push to get back on my feet.
  • My job. Even if the Canadian Forces doesn’t work out, I know I have a place that will still keep me happy. I do honestly love my job. And it will be hard to say good-bye if I get accepted into the RCAF.

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