Course Progression

I figured it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about my course. I’m now on the home stretch! Only a few more units left and rumour has it that these units are much easier than our previous ones. Now It’s a lot of putting what we have previously learned into action and applying it to new things. I nearly got perfect on my last practical exam! I score 98% which I’m damn proud of! Especially since I felt a little iffy on a couple of my faults. But I did everything right. I lost a mark for one small procedural error.

dean scream

Two weeks ago was a pretty intense week. We had 2 tests and 1 written exam back to back. I was so happy when Friday rolled around so my brain could take a much needed break! The next week had been pretty stressful too, but for other reasons, which I can’t really go into detail about.

Long story short, classes got interrupted some because we had stuff to do, which was annoying and a pain in the ass. But it was something that was going to be done regardless. They just weren’t planning on doing it so soon apparently. Any ways, things are good now. We didn’t get too far behind in our classes. I’m just glad this happened last week as opposed to the¬†week before. It’s hard enough when you’re stressed about passing your classes and then to throw some more stress on top of it all.

Sorry for the extreme vagueness but I can’t say much more than that unfortunately. Even though most of the public is aware of it, I can’t go into details. Also granted the public doesn’t know the whole story.

I’m nearing the end of yet another unit now. I’m looking forward to the next one because it’s much shorter with it being only a week and apparently much easier. But we shall see if there is much truth to that. What’s easy for some is not exactly easy for all.



So you know how the other day I was all like “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna bitch about my CF application”? Well Karma has been very kind to me! I received a phone call the other day from the local RC! I had my phone on silent so it went to voice mail. It was agonizing having to wait all night! the RC closes at 4pm and I got the message at 4:05pm…

They wanted me to book and interview! All morning at work I had to try my best to contain myself. I haven’t told anyone at work and I plan to keep it that way until I get in for sure. Yesterday¬†morning felt like the longest 4.5 hrs of my life! When I got home I called the RC right away, only to be disappointed and hear their automate recording. Their office doesn’t open until 10am. It was 9:45. That was a long 15 minute wait. When 10am rolled around I gave them another ring. Then I was told that the corporal who called me was busy and would call me in 10 mins. I don’t like playing phone tag. So that was the longest 10 mins of my life right there.

So I have my appointment for my interview now! It’s next Wednesday at 1pm! I’m over the moon with delight! They sent me an e-mail with some information about what to expect and what to bring. I’ll have to bring an updated resume as I was unemployed when I wrote my test back in April and that’s not the case now. I also need to bring a void cheque or bank form for direct deposit. I was surprised to see that. I figured that’d be one of the last things they would ask for. So maybe it’s a sign of good things to come?

I’m trying not to put all my eggs in one basket. It’s hard, believe me! But I’m preparing myself for the worst case scenario. Worst case, I don’t get in. I’ve mentally prepared myself for that. I hope it doesn’t happen, but I’m not ruling it out. I still have to do the medical, which I guess will be booked at a later date. Which is odd because from what most people have told me and from what the RC originally told me, that they usually schedule both the same day. So here’s hoping I don’t have to wait too long for that.

What’s nice is now I can browse the forums once again. I stopped visiting the site around early-mid July. It was just depressing because people would be all excited because they got their call and were going to BMQ or people were saying they just got merit listed and I was stuck with nothing. No update, no news. Just waiting for my references….But now I can go on and be all excited too! Also someone told me they haven’t finished selecting Avionics and Aviation systems tech yet. So that was a sigh of relief. I was getting a little worried.

I’m just hoping that don’t send to BMQ in January. October would be nice. I mean I’d miss Thanksgiving with my family most likely, but the weather would probably be more preferable.