And Now I Learn How to Do My Job

I successfully completed Common Core. I score particularly well on one of my final practical tests. I got a sweet 97% which made me super happy! Especially since the final month of Common Core was more so geared toward what my trade entails. This particular test we had to troubleshoot a wiring box (which we had previously assembled). I do believe I had one of the top marks for that test too. The highest was either a 99 or 98 and I think only 3 of use were in that range. It felt good to be on the top.

After I finished my course I was back on PAT, but I had a tasking lined up already so I didn’t really have to do any of the PAT platoon stuff.┬áPAT seems to have shrunk again, which is good. That means more people are getting on courses quicker or are being tasked out. So at least PAT does seem yo be continuously improving.

I’m all moved into my PMQ with my wonderful hubby. It’s so nice to be out of the shacks. I’m fairly confident my shack was making me sick. I thought it was allergies, but within days of moving out I felt so much better! I even checked the local pollen report and it actually was worse days after I moved out.

I just wish I had of moved out sooner because then I think I would have passed my fitness test. I was so run down and medicated the morning of my test. I was light-headed, dizzy and so out of it. I found out afterwards that I could have rescheduled it. Wish I had of known that before hand but I was told I needed to do it before I started my QL3. I passed everything except for the final test, the sandbag drag. I got about 3/4 done and I started to feel like I was about to pass out.

On the brightside, I actually improved in a couple of areas of the test. So that’s something. But now, because I failed I have to do special “reconditioning” PT for 3 months. It’s not too bad. I actually feel like I’m getting a much better workout compared to the group PT they have for us on course. I’ve only been doing the Special PT for almost a few weeks now and I’m made a lot of improvements. But it also helps that I’m feeling 100 times more healthy too. I really wish we had this sort of PT all the time. But I understand it’s not really possible when you have about 100 students all doing PT at once. We had the same issue in Kingston while on POET. There’s simply too many students to actually set up and run a proper workout. So we end up doing a lot of cardio or focus on endurance.

I suppose the big downside to having to do the special PT is that I now miss some class time. I miss about 2 hrs a week in order to go to the appointments. I can’t miss them as it is a direct order from our CoC (chain of command). I can only miss them if I have an exam that takes place at the same time. It is a bit annoying, and especially right now as we’re in a fairly difficult PO (course chapter). But just means I have to study more on my own time. Luckily the guy I sit next to has been really helpful in filling me in on what I’ve missed. So I’m extremely grateful for that.



BMQ Day #34 & #37

28 Nov 2014

These last 2 weeks have been brutal. We did our weapons training, which I was not looking forward to at all. I’m not big on using weapons. I know, I’m in the military I have to learn. But in my line of work I will rarely, if ever, be required to fire a weapon.

This morning was the dreaded weapons test. I was a ball of stress and nerves. The staff testing me could tell. I know my shit, it’s just I hate practical tests. I over think everything and make really, REALLY stupid mistakes. I made a very bad and critical mistake during my test. I was so nervous that I kept forgetting to do one simple step. So I failed. But, silver lining, we get to retest on Monday. They understand that a vast majority of us have never used a weapon until now and our fail rate was apparently average.

It still didn’t make me feel any better. I was mentally beating myself up the entire day. After the test I went to the bathroom and cried it out. Yes, I cried. I was so disappointed in myself. I hate failing. And I especially hate failing for something so stupid. Stupid on my part.

Thankfully I have the weekend to de-stress, study and practice. I do not want to fail again. I know my mistake and I vow not to make it again!

1 Dec 2014

Holy crap it’s December! Where the fuck did the time go!? Today was a “fun” day. First thing this morning was the weapons retest. Everyone passed! Pretty sure the main reason we all failed in the first place was nerves.

In the afternoon we did the FORCE test again. We originally did it back in week 1. This was to see how much we have improved. I improved in everything! My biggest improvement would have been the sandbag lift. You pick up a 40lb sandbag 1 meter, drop it, jump over 1 meter and repeat 30 times.

My original time was 2:05. This time mine was 1:40! I was very proud of myself. It wasn’t easy, but it felt easier than last time. I didn’t feel out of breath or struggle much. But I went in with a game plan. You have 3:30 to complete it. I calculated it out that I’d need to do a minimum of 7-8 lifts per minute. And when I thought about that way, it didn’t seem so daunting. I also paced myself. Slow and steady wins the race. I didn’t worry about how long I was taking, I just focused on my form. I made sure I was getting a good grip and kept my breathing in check.

The only thing I did worse on was the beep test. But to be fair I had my left calf wrapped in a tensor bandage. I strained it about a year ago and it’s been bothering me lately. Any ways, the beep test was at the very end and by the time I got to stage 2.5 my clasp broke on the bandage. So the bandage began to unravel, which made my leg begin to ache. I pushed as far as I could and dropped out during stage 3. I was so mad! I could have kept going! My cardio was great! Just my fucking leg! ARG!!


These last few days have been such a whirlwind of emotions. I’m so happy I got my job offer. I’m over the moon happy! But I’m also sad at the same time. I’m going to be leaving my hubby, my family, my friends…it’s tough, it really is.

I told one of my managers on Thursday. That was so hard! I love my job. I love the people I work with. They’re all amazing! Me and the manager had a little cry together. They were happy tears and sad tears. I’ve only been there for 5 months, but I feel like I was part of one big family. I’m going to miss them. This morning one of my supervisors pretty much let everyone know by accident, I think. Well he was just loud with saying congratulations and when he jokingly said I’ve screwed them. The last part may have been a joke, but it is a sad truth. I don’t want to sound conceited or full of myself, but I rocked at my job. And everyone knows that. I am leaving a big void and some seriously big shoes to fill.

I told my trainer yesterday. So we did a lot of low incline push ups. We did more weighted lunges. And longer planks. Oh my body is hurting! I’m so glad that they don’t do the EXPRESS test anymore at BMQ. It’s the FORCE test, which is slightly easier. If it was still the EXPRESS test I’d be screwed. I still can’t do push ups well and with the old test I would have been required to do a minimum of 9. But that’s no longer necessary. But course staff like to hand out push ups as both punishment and as rewards. Yea…I’m screwed there…lol

This afternoon I went to CHAA for their volunteer appreciation BBQ. It ended up being sort of a going away party for me. Everyone wishing me well and wishing me success. At times I did feel a bit emotional. I don’t know when I’ll see any of these people again.

Hopefully this summer I can spare some time to hit up an airshow or two. But that will all depend on where I am, what phase of my training I’m at, etc….

I think I’ve decided on using my backpacking backpack for my travels next week. I bought this backpack years ago! I’m talking when I still worked at my first job! So close to 8-10 years ago? Any ways, I bought it when I had these grandeur ideas of backpacking through Japan. This store in the mall was having an amazing sale and I got this pack for dirt cheap. It’s pretty big and has a padded back and shoulder straps. If I end up on the 13th floor at BMQ, at least this will be easier to lug up the stairs.