Back to Ontario??

I had hoped to update this more frequently, since I had completed my QL3 training. However life just likes to get in the way and take up all your time. Adjusting to life working at a squadron took some getting use to. I’ve been treated like a student who knows nothing for so long, I wasn’t used to being treated like the adult I am! It’s refreshing, for sure.

There’s never a real “dull” day at 435 sqn. We function as both SAR (Search and Rescue) and AAR (air to air refuelling) for the F-18’s. It’s a great feeling knowing that although I play a small part, I’m contributing to something bigger and greater. I’m helping maintain SAR aircraft that are used to help those in need.

So you may be wondering about the title of this blog. I’m back in Ontario again! I’ve actually been back since the beginning of August because I’m on a type course for the C-130H Herc. It’s kind of like being on my QL3’s but not… What I mean is, I’m learning how to fix systems specific to the aircraft at my squadron. Not all aircraft are the same. Some have different systems, where they’re located, how they’re tested for serviceability, etc…

So I’m in Trenton now until mid December. Oddly enough, I actually miss Winnipeg. Everything was so close and nearby. Not to mention easily accessible transportation. And to be in a city! Trenton is small. Not Borden small, but still very small for my liking. Also being here has caused my allergies to flare up a lot more, which sucks because that means I have to take allergy medication almost on a daily basis. Not fun at all.

There are some perks to being in Ontario though. I can go visit family on the weekends if I wish. My brother and his family live nearby so I can visit with them. So it’s not all that bad. But I was just getting use to life in Winnipeg, lol!


5 thoughts on “Back to Ontario??

  1. john says:

    Hi! congrats on your progress with the CAF!

    Your blog is absolutely informative and entertaining for someone who wants to be an AVS tech with CF. I’m currently waiting for a job offer (crossing my fingers). I’ve been looking for information on how an AVS tech career progression looked like. from what i can tell, after BMQ its POET and common core, then QL3? and is it possible to go for QL4 and QL5? I took an electronics engineering technology program from a civilian college. Its still unsure for now if i could transfer those credits towards POET.

    Whichever the case, It would be awesome to have the job opportunity you’re in! i think working SAR would be rewarding. Do we have any say as to which squadrons we got posted in?



    • The training has really been more streamlined now compared to when I got in. There’s far less delays between courses. Your college program may exempt you from POET, so if you can do a PLAR. It’ll save you some time in the training system.

      There is a QL4. It’s more like a basic check list of stuff to do at your unit. It’s not very….specific? It’s more or less just having knowledge of certain things. QL5 is a more in-depth check list of sorts. You have a list of specific functionals, installations, removals, troubleshooting etc… to do. The QL4 is relatively easy to get done and is a pre-requisite to go on your type course, which is where you’ll get to complete most of your QL5. The 2 actually are your blue log book, which you receive at your new unit.

      As to which squadron you get, you don’t really pick them. You will submit your top 3 choices for which base you want. Most bases have more than 1 squadron. For example Winnipeg has 435 and 402 squadrons. Trenton has 6 different squadrons. Ultimately it comes down to where they need people and which bases have spots to fill. Generally most people get one of their 3 choices.


      • John says:

        Well thats great news! Thanks for getting back so quickly. As for bases, i have a few options in mind. Trenton is one of them and i really want to go to transport or SAR. Looking for that good rewarding feeling from work! How do you like it there? And if you could speak to your younger self prior to joining the cf. What piece of advice would you give her?


      • A lot of people want Trenton. Or it seems that way to me. On my QL3 course we had a number of people from Ontario who wanted to stick close to home. You do get briefed on all the bases before making your selections and that could sway some decisions and make you maybe consider other options.

        Transport you’d definitely want Trenton. For SAR, I can’t really say what would be the best base. In Winnipeg we get to take part in a number of military/SAR exercises bother nationally and internationally. I’m sure about the other SAR sqn’s unfortunately.

        I actually quite like Winnipeg. It’s not a huge sqn, but it’s big enough I suppose. We feel more like a big family there. There’s always opportunities to travel and learn.

        If I could speak to my younger self I’d tell her to speak up more and be more confident in her abilities.


  2. John says:

    Thank you for the helpful info! Its definitely appreciated. If all goes well and I get to see winnipeg, I’ll remember to say hey! Goodluck and wishing you the best with your career.



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