BMQ Day #24, #25 & #26

18 Nov 2014

Well, today could have been a good day. First we had 5:10am PT. We were told to line up at the infamous North Doors. That is never a good thing. We received many looks of sympathy as we marched passed other platoons. Scary shit happens beyond the North Doors. Of course it’s all rumours and we’ve never gone beyond them.

We arrived there early and our staff was impressed. After we got lined up in ranks our staff told us to go to the gym instead. We dodged a huge bullet. After PT, which was just doing push ups, squats, sit ups and leg raises we had time to shower and go for breakfast. Afterwards we had a fire safety course.

We “fucked up” on our marching so “badly” that is really pissed off our marching NCO. So we lost our cell phones for 3 days. I’m pissed off. Really fucking pissed.

The pay phones also charge way too much.

Back to the fire class. At the end of the class we had a practical test. I was not prepared for that. I don’t think any of us were. We all passed so yay! But it was such a boring class. Most classes are. I mean it’s not easy making a fire safety course fun or exciting.

19 Nov 2014

This day has fucking sucked so hard. It’s not even funny. Inspection was a joke. Drill was a joke. There are some guys who aren’t even trying and it’s pissing us all off. Gym sucked because not only am I sick but it was right after lunch.

At orders we were told we’re all changing cubicles because our inspection was so bad this morning. The girls are fucking pissed because our little section was immaculate. And lets face it, not all the boys have the same cleanliness standard as us.

So instead of practicing drill, we’ve been cleaning. And chances are we’ll probably be moving back tomorrow. I just have this feeling.

Not having my phone is driving me insane. I need to talk to Andrew. I need to talk to my mom. I need my family. I miss him so much right now. It just really hit me tonight. Not having him to talk to, to help calm me down is rough.

20 Nov 2014

And who was right? This girl right here. We switched back to our original cubicles. I’m a bit more content. I have my space back. I have my lovely view of the town and Montreal in the distance.

I feel used. I feel like our staff just switched us because they know the girls have higher standards of cleanliness so they basically wanted us to go over to the other side and clean it up. I’m only speculating and it may or may not be true. Regardless, I’m annoyed. But I know that this was some sort of a test. To see how well we handle stress and change. I can handle it. I’m just not happy about it.


One thought on “BMQ Day #24, #25 & #26

  1. Lorne says:

    It’s not that girls have a higher standard some of the guys in platoon have just as high of a standard it’s just that we have more guys to clean up after.


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