BMQ Day #22

16 Nov 2014

We got our week 4’s on Friday. At the end of each week we get a new epaulette for our uniform which indicates what week we are in. I was Course Senior on Friday, which meant I was responsible for the platoon. I was the person in charge. I was dreading that day so much! We all have to do it.People got to see a very rare side of me. They got to see my angry side. They got to see me yell. I hate having to let my inner bitch out. I prefer to keep her locked up.

Friday was insane! First we had inspection. It’s even more shitty when you’re the CS because everything is your fault. At least our platoon 2I/C was kind enough to warn me he was going to throw the brooms and mops so I could move out of the way. After inspection we had First Aid for 3 hours. Oh joy…

After lunch we had our 5km ruck march. No one fell out, so that was good. Right after we did a fireman drag. You had to drag someone around your own weight 20m without stopping. Luckily there was a light layer of snow, making the grass slippery thus making the drag a tad bit easier.

Finally after that we did the obstacle course. That was one thing I was really worried about. I’ve heard so many horror stories about people getting hurt. Mainly girls. I believe it was just 2 weeks ago two girls from the same platoon fell and broke their legs! One has to wait until February or March for a second surgery to have pins removed before she can be recoursed. I’d hate to be her; stuck on AWT platoon for so long.

There were three obstacles I couldn’t do, but I tried my hardest regardless. I didn’t want to go down without a fight! I just wish my upper body strength was better. I could have done them. Also didn’t have that the gloves they issued me are too big for my tiny hands. It’s pretty terrifying when you’re climbing up a wobbly rope ladder and your hand slip out of your gloves.

No one got seriously hurt. The worst was “K.” She fell off the bridge and cut her lip. First it’s not a high bridge, just a really low own which wobbles and you have to run across it while screaming your battle cry. It wasn’t too serious of an injury though, she didn’t need stitches or anything and was able to finish the course.

We’re all sore and bruised now. I have a pretty massive bruise on my right bicep. It’s mighty ugly and painful. My knees are pretty bruised up as well.

I think a lot of people are hitting their breaking point with each other. We’ve been stuck with one another for nearly 4 weeks. Personalities are starting to clash. People are getting catty/bitchy. Some people just need to grow the fuck up. Some people need to act like adults and not fucking children. Not all, just some.

Some people are decent, mature, grown up. I just try to avoid the people who bother me. I’m not going to name any names. I want to, but I feel like if I did it would just bite me in the ass later on.

There are people I enjoy talking to. Again, I wont name names because it may cause some jealously should any of my platoon mates read this. Actually most people are pretty chill. It’s just when you get a lot of strong opinions and personalities that there are problems.


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