BMQ Day #13

7 Nov 2014

I’ve lost count of the days. This week has been insanely busy. I know I say that a lot, but it’s true! Our instructors are really trying to amp up the stress on us. Some guys are beginning to crack under the pressure.

We had our first three inspections this week. They weren’t too bad. I accidentally my section command (who’s a Sgt) Master Sgt…Yea, fuck me. He didn’t seem too amused, but he rarely does. He asked if I was making up new ranks or something. I had to bite my tongue. To be fair, there was a MCpl with him so I got a little flustered.

We did our swim test today in our combats. The was fun. We had to tread water for 2 mins, then swim half the length of the pool without letting our heads go underwater or touching the wall. Sounds easy right? Well you don’t have a life jacket and combats are pretty flipping heavy when wet.

The second part pf the test you had to jump from a 3 meter high diving board, land a certain way then swim half the length of the pool. For the second test you had to wear a life jacket. I passed both. Slow and steady wins the race. Some people I noticed were overexerting themselves during the treading water part. I just leaned back and took it easy. Out of the 50+ people on our platoon, 18 failed. However, it’s not a mandatory test to pass while on BMQ. So some people really lucked out there.


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