BMQ Day #7

1 Nov 2014

It has been insanely busy the last few days. Hence the lack of updates. I can’t even really remember what happened the last few days. It’s all been a big blur. We went to Canex on Wednesday. The guys got their heads shaved. Thursday we got our kit issued. What a pain in the ass. We had 3 duffle bags, our rucksack and biv bag. We had a plan, as a platoon, to get everything upstairs. But one of our MCpl’s wouldn’t let us do it.

We were going to have the girls upstairs and the guys lined up the stairs. The guys would pass up the bags and we, the girls would bring everything to the proper cubicles. It was a brilliant plan and involved teamwork. Something I was so certain we were supposed to embrace. Working as a TEAM.

Nope. Instead we had to carry everything up in 2 trips. First, one duffle bag on your back, biv bag in one had and ruck in the other. I did it, but I wanted to die. The next trip was one duffle bag on your back and one duffle bag in your hand. One of the guys offered to help me with the second trip. My arms were toast. They’re still really sore.

Now, to give you an idea of what we had to carry in these bags, I’ll list a few items:

  • FFO (helmet, tack vest, gas mask)
  • 3 pairs of combats
  • 2 pairs of combat boots, 1 pair gortex boots, 1 pair mukluks
  • winter coat&pants, raincoat&pants
  • 2 pairs of fleece combats
  • DEU (2 blazers, 2 pairs pants, 6 dress shirts, parade boots etc…)
  • 2 sleeping bags
  • 5 or 6 pairs of gloves
  • probably 2 pairs of socks and much more!

Today we learned how to assemble our rucksacks. What a pain in the ass that was.

So, I’ve learned some interesting things about our sister platoon. Apparently we are the “Hollywood” platoon and they’re the “Hell” platoon. Since day one they’ve been doing a lot of punishment PT, getting yelled at all the time, getting “jacked up” etc… Meanwhile we haven’t had anything like that. ButI guess they have some pretty unstable people on their platoon.

I wonder if that personality test we did after the CFAT affects which kind of platoon you get put on… Just a though.

I’m making a lot of friends here. Some of the guys are pretty nice. I’m finidng I’m connecting better with the older ones. The younger guys, well, it’s a bit touch and go. Some are alright and some need to grow up.


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