BMQ Day #2 & #5

26 Oct 2014

So I survived day #2! It wasn’t so bad. We had a lecture in the morning. Apparently we have a lot of air force recruits in our platoon. I’d say close to 80%, if not more. There’s only a handful of navy and army guys. Our one Sgt looked like he wanted to shit himself. He’s army. He was… disappointed I think. We’re also apparently fucked when we do our field training because we don’t have many army guys.

We also have a lot of young people on our platoon. By young I mean under 22 years old.

Nothing really interesting happened today. It was pretty boring for the most part. We did a group reading of a bunch of policies and stuff. Very dry stuff.

29 Oct 2014

So much for daily entries! We’ve been pretty busy the last few days. a lot of death by powerpoint. Yesterday was our fitness test. I passed! It was freaking hard! My body is so sore! I’m glad the beep test wasn’t necessary to pass. We had to do it, but if you failed it didn’t count.

Our staff watched the whole fitness test. They later gave us shit for being noisy. I thought we were supposed to encourage/cheer each other on. Are we not supposed to work as a team? Whatever.

I’m still bummed that some of my friends back home didn’t even acknowledge my leaving. Do they not realize once I’m done my basic training I wont be in town very often? I’ll be moving away soon. I could be posted anywhere! Oh well, their lose I suppose. We’ll just have to see what happens when I come home for Christmas.

I miss home. I miss my bed. I miss Andrew. And yes, I put my bed before my hubby. This bed suck majorly. It’s hard as a rock!

We had a random check in tonight on our floor with some duty staff. I was on the freaking toilet when I heard everyone call “GROUP!” I didn’t know what to do! Was I supposed to come to attention while sitting on the toilet? I froze and waited until I heard people moving around.


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