BMQ Day #1

I brought a journal with me to my BMQ so I would have an outlet when I had some spare time. Yea, spare time is rare to come across. I only managed to write a few entries, not nearly as many as I had expected to. So here’s my very first journal entry.

25 Oct 2014

Flying was an interesting experience. I haven’t flown since I was 4 years old. I didn’t know what to expect. The flight out of London was short an noisy. Well that’s a D-8 for ya! Those props are noisy. I was supposed to have a window seat, but I switched with some girl so she and her boyfriend could sit together. We had some turbulence, but not much.

In Toronto I met up with some other recruits. Most were on an earlier flight. I had to wait around 3 hours. The second flight was nicer. It was smoother. And I had a TV! I was lucky enough to get on the first shuttle bus to the base. Otherwise I would have had to wait 3 hours for the next one.

It wasn’t as terrifying as my brother was making it out to be. But I think with all that has been going on, maybe they’re just being nice? My staff seems to be mostly air force, which is better than army. I know there’s at least one navy guy on my staff, which according to my brother is good.

I’m up on the 8th floor. At least it’s not the 12th! Carrying my luggage up was a real challenge. Luckily a guy on my platoon helped me from the 6th floor.

There’s only seven girls in my platoon of 50+ recruits. Yea…7. I was hoping for a higher number. Oh well, less people  to fight showers for!

As odd as it may sound, it hasn’t sunk in yet for me. This doesn’t feel real. I don’t know how to describe it. I guess I was expecting to be more nervous about the whole thing. I thought I’d feel differently when I got here. But I don’t. I think that because we are allowed to have our cell phone and communicate with our families it’s less stressful. I still miss everyone back home.


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