Home Sweet Home At Last!

Yesterday was an incredibly long adventure home. MY day began around 4am. I was scheduled to be on the first shuttle bus to the airport, which departed at 5am. So I got up, got dressed and made my way down 8 stories with my civilian luggage. The ride was fairly smooth sailing for the most part. Then we hit some traffic. What is normally a 30-40 min drive turned into an hour.

The airport was not prepared for us. When we got inside they told us to check in at one of the many kiosks. But then we hit a little bump. We were told our checked luggage is free but the kiosks were telling us to pay $28. When they found out who we were they had us all line up and go check in with their customer service people.

By the time I got through security it was about 6:30. I got myself a Timmie’s breakfast seeing as I hadn’t eaten yet. It was delicious! After eating pretty much the same thing for breakfast for the past 6 weeks, this was heavenly! I found my gate and chilled. Then our gate changed. So I had to make my way over towards the other side of the airport.

Everything was running a little behind schedule. Of course the day I’m leaving we get hit with a snow storm. We were only 30 mins delayed, which wasn’t too bad. But when I arrived at my next destination I on’y had about 30 mins to find my gate. Now I’m not a frequent flyer. This was only my second time at this airport. I checked the flight departure sign to find out where I had to go. Of course my gate was all the way on the other side. I think I was at gate 50 and needed to get to gate 1. I looked around and asked someone working at the airport how to get there. She had a golfcart and offed to drive me there. Sweet!

I made it to my gate on time and waited. And waited. Boarding was supposed to start at 11:25. I looked at my watch and it was 11:45. The sign still said we were leaving on time. Then they got a phone call. It was pushed back to 12:30. Then pushed back to 12:45. Finally we were one the aircraft by 1pm. The moment we all got seated and bucked up when got some very unpleasant news. We were stuck there for another hour and a half. There was quite the line up for deicing. That was hell.

I arrived home 2 and a half hours late. But I was so happy to be home. To be with my hubby. To see my family. I feel like I just got out of prison. Not that it was terrible there, just that everything felt like it was changed. Gas is 92¢ a liter. When I left it was $1.29! It’s now Christmas time. The world just feels different.

Now I have a lot of things to do. I need to get my Christmas shopping done because Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!


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