Im on the homestretch. Almost done the first half of BMQ. This week was easy but rough. It was easy in the sense that we were finished classes by 3 or 4 all week. But it’s been a lot of weapons training. Yesterday was our test and I choked. My mind froze and I forgot a step. It was stupid on my end. So stupid. But i was a ball of nerves!

I went to the extra training the night before the test. My rifle sucks and now everyone believes me. I was having issues cocking it. So the MCpl took my rifle and tried to cock it. He sliced his finger open. Yup. That happened. So he talked to one of my Sgts and I can apparently get issued a new rifle. Mine is clearly not safe.

Next week is gonna be busy. I have my weapons retest and the force test (again) on Monday.  Tuesday we have our drill test which will be a walk in the park. My drill is pretty good. Not amazing, but we did a mock test yesterday and I did well.

Our platoon has duty next week. But it’s only for a few days, not a whole week. We really dodged a bullet there.


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