This isn’t going to be a lengthy update. Not enough time and  typing on a tablet  is a bit annoying.

We got our first weekend off this week. It felt so great to sleep on a proper bed. Not some 6in matress. Also, it felt amazing to actually sleep under the covers! Because of inspections, and the specific way we have to make our beds, most of us just sleep ontop of our sheets.

My experience here has had its ups and downs. We’ve loxt our cellphones twice already. We’ve  had to swtich cubicles twice, which is super annoying when you have an inspection the next morning.

I’m surviving though. I’ve been taking it day by day. It’s easier not to think long term here. It only gets  you depressed.  That and you tend to lose track of the days. You just look forward to Friday, bcause that’s when you get your new week number. We just got our 6’s on Friday.

We have a very busy week ahead of us. Lots of weapons training and drill. Friday is our big practical test for weapons. Then next Monday is our drill test. I’m nervous about both.

Sorry that I can’t go into too much details. We’re not allowed to. So everything will just have to be vague and brief from now on.

Well I seem to be running out of time. Need to pack up my stuff and check out of our hotel soon! I’ll try to write something more interesting when I get home in a couple weeks!


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