It’s amazing how so much can change in the blink of an eye. I got a very interesting phone call today from my Recruiting Centre.

I was planning on giving them a phone call this week for an update on my file. I was told at my medical that it would take 3 weeks for all my paper work to be complete and for me to possibly be merit listed. So yes, I was very surprised when they called me! Happy surprised of course! However, I was not prepared for this phone call at all.

They were calling recruits, asking if they were offered a position would October 27th be too soon to start BMQ (Basic Military Qualification). There are still some spots available for that start date and they were looking to see how many recruits would be available to fill said spots. I think this gif best represents my initial reaction:

I was shocked, surprised, excited and stunned. October 27th is VERY close. Less than 2 weeks close! My answer?

I haven’t officially been given an offer, but I think they have my answer. I said that yes it is very soon but I would make it work. I’m not going to let this chance slip away! I also assume, that given the fact they called me about this, I think it’s safe to say I’ve been merit listed. I don’t think they would waste their time if I wasn’t being considered. This could also mean that I will be getting a job offer regardless.

I’m just dreading having to tell my manager at work. They don’t know about my application. And I would be giving them maybe a weeks notice? And we’re going into the really busy season too… However, I will be back in London in December for 3 weeks and I will let them know that if they needed me, I would be willing to come work a few shifts.

But besides that, how am I feeling overall?


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