Are You Colour Blind!?

Day two of merchandising again. Oh my god! Who has been doing the card fixture/table and the journal wall! It was so obvious that there was a colour theme. But oh no, apparently they’re colour blind and can’t pick up on that!

In the brown section I found a lot of black and navy blue journals. No….everything in this section is CLEARLY brown. Why did you think black and navy blue belonged? In the black and green section I found some blue in there, it wasn’t too bad to be honest… The blue and purple section….Oi vey…such a mess! I was finding everything ever where! It was terrible!

But that wasn’t the worst. Oh no….the card fixture….it was like who ever was putting stuff out just didn’t care. They just tossed everything wherever! It put me a little behind my schedule fixing up their mess. I’m still not happy with the fixture. It needs a lot of TLC. Maybe tomorrow morning if I have some spare time I’ll fix it up some more.


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