The last 2 days at work I got to do my old job; Merchandising. It has felt amazing! Some people cringe at the thought of doing it, especially when you’re 1) by yourself and 2) have to problem solve on the spot because you don’t have all the products! The latter can be a bit daunting and frustrating but as Tim Gunn says…



Yesterday and today were both very trying days. We don’t have half the stuff we need to do some of these set ups, but I have to make it work somehow. My manager was impressed with my work, so that made me feel fantastic! They trust my instincts, they trust my thought process, they trust me not to screw things up, lol!

Head Office wants us to do the merch changes differently this year. Last year they just did a lot of over-night shifts to get everything done. This year they’re giving us a whole week to get one sections of the store completed. So first up is the “for Her” section. I’m probably about 75% done, which is fantastic considering this doesn’t need to be completed until the end of next week! I just have one small table and 2 fixtures to change. Oh and then moving some tables around, which isn’t too difficult.

I’m also liking how I’m no longer going to be responsible for magazines! And I’m loving that now my manager wants me to just merchandise in the morning and not do the shipment blitz with everyone else. It’s more productive to have me merhcnadising the product than wasting my time unpacking stuff. I’m glad they’ve realized that.

I may post some photos of my awesome work if I remember to take pictures tomorrow. Or I might just wait until I get the whole section set up properly. We’ll see!


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