I can’t believe I forgot to post about my medical, which was last Monday! I should slap myself on the wrist! Bad Sarah!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect for the medical. I expected it would begin late, as do most things with the CF application process. I was there early, by 9:30-ish. My appointment wasn’t until 10am. I waited and waited. By 10:30 they had me fill out a medical history questionnaire form. It asked “Have you ever had…” and listed a whole whack-load of things from migraines to allergies to injuries and more! I was told to put an “x” in the box if the answer was no. If it was yes, just leave the box empty. They discussed the blank ones to determine if they needed to be yes or no.

The only things I had said yes to were:

  • allergies – I get seasonal allergies usually in the spring and summer. Mainly just sneezing and sometimes sinus pain. He asked if I knew was I was allergies to specifically and I didn’t know. I’d never been tested. I just take an aerius and I’m fine.
  • sports injury – I sprained an ankle while playing soccer in gym class in high school.
  • Foot problems – Not that big of an issue anymore, but my arches use to be slightly fallen. They still kind of are, but I just wear the Dr Scholl’s orthodic inserts and I’m fine.
  • Operations – I’ve had two. One of my tongue because I was born tongue-tied. He had to look up the name of the proceedure, which is called frenotomy. The second was for my wisdom teeth when I was 19. I had to be put under to get it done.
  • Serious injury. I had left it blank because I didn’t know if it would qualify. But it was about my slip on ice back in December. I strained a muscle in my calf and it took close to 2 months to full heal. He checked it off as a yes and made his notes.

He asked about my immediate family’s health history. I suppose they were looking for anything that could be hereditary. I wish I had of known about the blood pressure bit. Apparently on my mother’s side low blood pressure is common. Speaking of low BP, it took him 3 tries to get mine. It was faint the first time, then low the second time and he did it a third to confirm. I don’t remember what mind was, but I think it was something like 110/60. I was worried it would be high, being that I was kind of nervous about the whole thing. But he didn’t make a big deal about it, so I assume it’s okay? When it came to asking about female plumbiung, I could tell he wasn’t too comfortable about the subject. To be fair, I’m not all that comfortable about it either. I can talk about it with other women and my hubby, but everyone else? Eh…not so much. He asked some questions about my mental health, such as “have you ever been depressed? Have you ever had thoughts of harming yourself or committing suicide? Have you ever been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? Have you ever seen a psychiatrist? etc…”

I did a colour blindness test. Basically you just look at these pictures that have a number in the middle and read out what the number is. I got a little freaked out because part way through there were 4 with no number. It was just colours. I had an “oh shit” moment because I thought maybe I am colour blind in some area. But afterwards I did some research and I found they do it as a control or something. So I feel relieved about that. I did a vision test after that. I pointed to one of the smallest lines on his chart and told me to cover one eye and begin reading. Then switch eyes and begin reading from the opposite side. I’m pretty sure I passed it. I didn’t have to struggle much.

Afterwards it was the hearing test. That was weird. You sit in this little booth, wear these headphones out of the 50’s and hold a trigger with a button. You listen for the beeps and hit the button every time you hear them. At one point I thought I was hearing them but apparently I was just imagining it because the recording said “You are hitting the button when no tone is being made.” Oops… Also didn’t help that I could hear people talking outside. I thought the booth was supposed to be sound proof. After I was done, I hit my head on the roof. I forgot how low the ceiling of the booth was. Yea, that was fun…

Then it was onto the physical examine. I changed into my shorts and t-shirt. My file manager was there as a chaperon. I guess this is now common place, especially after a case a few years ago about a medical officer inappropriately touching females during examines. The physical went well I think. Expect for when he said “Now give me 10 push ups.” I wanted to laugh. I knew I would be able to do it. I tried. I tried my darndist! I kind of did 3. I say kind of because the first 2 I got down but couldn’t get up. The third I didn’t go down as far but I at least pushed myself up. He told me to work on my push ups. Even though they aren’t part of the fitness test anymore, instructors at BMQ like to hand them out as punishments. And no, I’m not allowed to do “girly” push ups. but he did say I had good form! So I have that going for me!

By the time all was done, it was just about noon. It’ll take up to 3 weeks for all the medical paperwork to be completed, which gives me just enough time to be merit listed and picked up for the November selections! If I get picked up. And if I get merit listed. Those are 2 very big if’s. If I get a job offer it will mean I’ll be off to basic training in January, which means I wont get to celebrate my 29th birthday. But I’ve become accustomed to not celebrating my birthdays, or at least not doing anything big for them. Every year I try to plan something, nothing works out. People can’t make it, people bail last minute, people forget that it’s my birthday or people have other less important commitments. It hurt a lot. Especially when people you thought were your best buds would rather do something else than come to your birthday party. But I’m over it. I’d rather just be with the people I love.

So, now I must wait! This is super exciting!


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