First I’m just gonna do a little mini-rant. I hate my new neighbours. They have this annoying habit of getting into screaming matches at 1:30 in the morning! Yea, I’m not really impressed, especially when I have to work in the morning. So I’m going to write up a letter, slip it under their door telling them to either cut it out or I’m calling the cops. *end rant*

Well that felt good to get off my chest! Moving along, work was actually somewhat productive. I was able to get all those darn letter mugs organized. Also I found a bunch of stock that I could get out, which is always a plus. I was very tempted to work on magazines… I started to feel a little OCD as I walked past them… they were so messy! Customers can be the worst sometimes. What is so difficult about putting a magazine back where you found it? No, instead they would rather just pile them sky high on the floor or just drop them wherever.

The gym was productive too. A little disappointing at one point. We tried to up the weight for my chest press. Yea, didn’t go so well. I struggled through 5 reps and then we switched to a lower weight. My cardio is going better. I’ve decided to just try and focus on endurance rather than speed. So I went at a bit of a slower pace, but I was running for longer. I probably could of kept going but then I would of been late for my session with my trainer. I’m thinking maybe Saturday I might go to the gym just to work on my cardio some more. That’s the area I need to work on the most right now.

Oh, I randomly found a bunch of music files on my external HD, so I’m feeling very nostalgic 🙂


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