One Week

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. The song doesn’t really have anything to do with this post. Sorry for being misleading? Moving on, what is this post about? Well a variety of things. Firstly, in one week I’ll be doing my medical! I’m very excited to finally get this last step done! I’ve been trying to recall everything about myself health-wise the last few weeks. They want a thorough background on your life medically speaking. I would have to say I’ve been pretty good. Nothing too major. I’ve actually made a list!

  • Tongue surgery around age 2-3. I was born with a fuse tongue (aka tongue tied), which meant my tongue was not separated from the base of my mouth. a simple surgery was conducted to fix that. However, the result has left me with a slightly longer tongue…which has caused me a slight lisp….
  • Broken arm age 5. Oh the timing of this injury is quite funny. It was the evening on labour day, the eve before I was to begin kindergarten. I was riding my bike with my dad and brother. We were turning in front of my school when I hit a patch of sand. My bike slid and instinctively I put my arm out to break my fall. So instead of hitting my head I broke my arm.
  • Broken baby toe. This was a stupid injury when I was I think 13 or 14. I was running in the house barefoot. For those who don’t know, I have finger toes. They are long and I can spead them out quite far. If I try hard, I can write using my toes. Any ways, I was running and my toe caught the leg of a chair in the kitchen. The force of the injury caused a minor break in my toe. Unfortunately with toe breaks you can’t do anything other than ice and taping your toes together.
  • Ankle sprain #1 age 14. This was another odd injury. I was walking down the stairs to get some chicken out for dinner. As I neared the end of the stairs I somehow missed one step and when I landed on the following step my foot had curled under. I tore 3 ligaments.
  • Ankle sprain #2 age 16. It was gym class and we were playing soccer. My foot got planted in a slight hole when I was challenging another girl for the ball. As my body turned, my foot stayed in place. I didn’t do too much damage, maybe just tore a ligament or two. I recovered much quicker than my previous sprain.
  • Wisdom teeth extraction, age 19. I had to be put under. I recovered really well. Hell, about 3 days later I was front row at a concert!
  • Broken baby toe again, age 22. Same bloody toe that I broke before. This time I was walking barefoot in a low flowing river. I was standing on a slippery rock and well my foot slipped. Of course I’d have to catch my toe on a tiny little hole on the rock.
  • Leg muscle strain, age 27. I was walking to work and one of my feet caught a patch of ice. I was also walking down a slight incline and the other foot stayed planted. That was painful. I had to continue walking to work and then proceed to work 5.5 hrs. I thought I may have broken something but my doctor said it was just a strain. It took about 2 months to fully recover, mainly because I was working almost 40 hrs a week. Probably shouldn’t have done that…

I think that about sums up my medical history.


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