Basic Up

To really help get me excited about possibly getting into the Canadian Forces, I’ve begun to rewatch the documentary Basic Up. It was filmed back in 2006 I believe and follows a group of new recruits going through BMQ (Basic Military Qualification).  They did 2 seasons only, which is unfortunate, but it at least gives you an idea of what BMQ is like during the summer and winter.

There are some things I know I wont particularly enjoy, like the second week spent at Farnham. The whole “role playing” real world scenarios just isn’t my cup of tea. But I understand why it’s important we have to do it. I just don’t like it because I hate acting and I hate role playing; except when it comes to videos games. But that’s a whole different story!

I still need to rewatch season 1 of Basic Up. I only watched season 2 because that’s the winter BMQ. There’s a good chance that if I get selected and sent to BMQ it’ll be for the winter. There are some good things about a winter BMQ. First, there’s no bugs that you need to worry about while at Farnham. Second, you don’t get muddy while dong the obstacle course and also while doing field training at Farnham. You just get cold and wet, which I’d prefer to being muddy. Snow is easier to clean up than mud.

If you are interested in watching the series, the CF has the episodes posted on Youtube. I’ll provide links to the playlists.


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