Too Damn Good

I’m apparently too damn good at my job. On Friday I had a little meeting with my manager. She likes to do this as we enter a new quatre in the year. She just likes to sit down, chat, trouble shoot any problems, that sort of thing. It wasn’t a review; I already had that a few weeks ago. Basically, she’s over the moon happy with me. She likes that she doesn’t have to be on me all the time telling me to hurry up, like she has to with some other taskers. I’m very adaptable. I’ve been cross trained on pretty much everything successfully, whereas some of the other team members are struggling to learn new tasks. And with the new format that they want us to unpack and process goods in the morning, so far I’m one of the very few whose adapted to it. Even some of her seasoned taskers are struggling.

I was extremely flattered. I’m also not use to all this positive feedback bit. I never really got much in my past jobs. Well I’d get it, but it wouldn’t be anything quite as detailed as this has been. And the main reason why I’m stuck doing magazines is because out of everyone she has on staff, I’m the only one she was 100% confident would be able to learn it. Other may be able to learn it in time, but with only 4 training shifts, she didn’t feel confident enough that anyone else would be up to par. So yea, more flattery there. Now I kind of regret being awesome.

What really sucks is that the new guy who is going to take over magazines wont start his training until the first week of October….That’s so far away! But she wants him trained and comfortable working with general merch first. It’s understandable, espceically seeing as we’re going into Christmas. You want to make sure all your staff is well trained on general merch.


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