Falling Into Place

Everything seems to be falling into place now. Yesterday one of my references let me know they got a call, FINALLY! Today I got a call to book my medical! She wanted me to come in tomorrow, but unfortunately I’m working and I can’t give up my shift. Plus it’s a little last minute to be calling in saying I can’t work.

But I still got an appointment, it’s just a little ways away. Well, not too far. It’s the 22nd of September. So just over 2 weeks away. Regardless, even if I could have gone tomorrow I wouldn’t have been able to. I know that may have sounded weird, but let me explain. In the e-mail they sent me it says I can’t exercise within 24 hrs prior. I went to the gym today….so yea…

There’s other things like no caffeine the morning of, which isn’t a problem. I don’t really drink much caffeine anymore. I may have the odd black tea or latte from time to time but I’m not dependent on it anymore. Even with getting up at 4am, all I need is a glass of cold water and I’m good!

The only thing I really need to do is buy some shorts. I don’t own any shorts. But I need to bring shorts. So I guess I’ll just pick up a cheap pair from Giant Tiger.


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