One Thing To Another

Well had a slight bombshell dropped on my at work. One of my co-workers just gave their 2 weeks notice. So who does my manager go to to ask to replace them temporarily? Me. I said yes, only because I’m the only one who’s availability works for his shifts. “T” is responsible for the magazines at work. He’s a the magazine guy. She puts out all the new stuff and takes away all the old issues. I have 4 training shifts with him and then I’m on my own.

The only good thing is that the magazine shifts are only 2 shifts a week and don’t interfere with my gym training. But once I’m trained I have to train one of the new hires. My manager said she wants them first trained on the basic stuff before throwing any of them into some thing magazines. My manager isn’t happy that she’s kinda of losing me from my regular merchandising responsibilities. She likes having me work with the lifestyle products. She’s very pleased with how I work.

It’s flattering, really. I wish I had over had this job years ago. I would have been so much happier.

While on my break today in the lunch room a couple of the CERs were bitching about my manager. I think their issue is that they don’t understand the mind of a merchandiser. We’re always keeping busy and when we see our subordinates standing around with their fingers up their noses, we get a little pissed. There is always something to do. Even if there’s no one in the store you can clean up displays.

One was bitching about how the other day my manager opened the store 3 minutes early. There were customers outside waiting. And just an FYI, all the managers do this. If they see people waiting outside a few minutes before open, they’ll let them in. Any ways, bitching girl was bitching about how she got in trouble for not being on the sales floor after the manager announced tat she was opening the store. Her justification was that she wasn’t getting paid for those 3 extra minutes. She didn’t say it to the manager, just thought it.

Has she not worked in retail before? Is this her first “retail” job? Get use to it honey. Time to suck it up. Management does take notice when you go above and beyond your duties. It looks good on you if you start work a little early. It looks good when you come to work with a positive attitude. I know that last part is tough, being retail and all, but you just got to try.

Sorry I went off on a slight tangent. That conversation just bothered me.

In other news, I’m moving past a plateau at the gym. Stuff I was struggling to do last week, I can do easier now. Add more weights to my chest and should presses. I’m running faster now, but just not as long. But faster = more distance. It’s strange, running slower is more uncomfortable now. A Fast pace feels easier to do. Today was hard to do running seeing as I was on my feet for 8hrs and then went to the gym. My legs were pooched!


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