Busy Busy

The last few weeks at work and the next few coming have been busy. Well when you get a lot of people wanting to take their holidays at the same time, you get short staffed. Last week we had 2 people on vacation and still no new hires, even though they did interviews about 2 weeks ago. I’m sure they must have found at least 1 person suited for the job. The silver-lining to being short staffed is that I’m getting a lot of extra hours, which means more money! This week, for example, I was originally only scheduled to work Wednesday to Friday. I’ve picked up 2 more shifts. Next week was only supposed to be 4 of my usual shifts (5am-9:30am). I grabbed an extra shift and 2 were changed to 8 hr shifts. I can’t wait to see the pay cheque for those weeks!

I received a phone call from one of my old managers about a week and a half ago. She wanted to know if I wanted to help pack up the Bowring store down the street from our old store. I would have loved to help. It would have meant seeing her and some of my old co-workers again. The people I liked working with. But on the flip side it would have meant having to see our former DSM. I’d been very content with my life if I never had to cross paths with her again. That is all I will say on that subject. But because I picked up so many shifts at work and then I also have my gym training on top of it all, I’d be dead by the end of the week. And since I don’t know if my helping them is considered voluntary or paid work, I’d rather not risk wearing myself out.

Last week I felt like a zombie. I did 3 days in a row at the gym with my trainer and worked just about everyday. Then went to Pawlooza with my dogs and my friend and her dog. I wish the weather had of been nicer. Rain plus dogs = smelly. It’s even worse when one of your dogs was sprayed by a skunk earlier this summer. Skunk smell tends to stick around for awhile and you can really smell it when your dog gets wet. My mom was worried that the even would be too stressful for the dogs. Miko and Chicket were fine! They loved it! Well, until it started to rain. Then Chicklet became a suck and didn’t like being wet, which is weird because she loves to jump into her pool at home.

Needless to say, by Sunday after work I was toast. I was exhausted! I managed to find the energy to go to the movies. I’d been dying to see Guardians of the Galaxy and by George I wasn’t going to put it off for another day! The movie was fantastic! I even ran into an old friend of mine there. Oh and if you ever have the opportunity to go to a VIP cinema, do it! So worth the extra money! You get super comfy seats that recline, you can order food and drinks right from your seat! and they even serve alcohol! Which also means no kids! I love kids, I really do, but when I’m trying to watch a movie I don’t was to be interrupted by some kid crying or talking or misbehaving. I know not all kids are like that, but some are.

Today is my second day off in a row. It feels strange. I’m not use to having so many days off in a row! I think the last time I had more than one day off consecutively was way back at the start of July or the end of June… But I have things to do today. I need to get some bread from the grocery store and I want to check out Spartan Nutrition. Apparently they have some sale on their protein powders and apparently if your’s a gym member you get a special discount. So I kinda wanna check that out. Protien powders aren’t cheap and I think it wont be long until I’m finished the one I currently have. I need to find a replacement soon!


5 thoughts on “Busy Busy

  1. I hear ya, VIP is the way to go! We get Scene points with our debit cards and haven’t paid for a movie in like three years, haha. Plus we like that it’s 19+ which means no kids talking the whole way through or teenagers sucking face.


  2. Sounds like you live a busy life. Just be careful of running yourself into the ground. Skipping a session at the gym is allowed, (I think) if it means you have that energy in reserve for the next work day.


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