Protein Power!!!

I’m mean Powder! Kinda?

I’ve started incorporating protein shakes into my workout regime. I have to say I’m happy with the results. I take before I go to the gym. It fills me up and keeps me going strong. I’m not finding myself feeling nearly as worn out during and post-workout. Yes, I still get “pooched” but when you’re pumpin’ iron you’re gonna feel it. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been able to do more at the gym. I’m starting to move past my little plateau I’ve reached. Even today when I was doing some chin lifts, sure I was starting to struggle near the end but I like “No muscles! You’re gonna pull me up!” My trainer was about to add more weight for my last pull up to make it easier but I proved him! BWAHAHA!!!

The big issue I have with protein powders is it’s hard to find ones that I can take. About 80% of protein powders are Whey protein. Whey=Milk. Me=Lactose Intolerant. Me+Lactose=BAD.

And unfortunately the lactose free options tend to be more expensive. It’s not fair. Even the ones that use a different source for protein (peas, eggs) are much more costly. I was at Costco and you could get a huge tub of regular Whey protein powder for $40. The lactose free option was a smaller tub (much smaller, like 1/3 of the size) and cost $30. Not cool man, not cool.

My powder I got in the states is lactose free and cost me $20. It works, I don’t have any ill effects. It was just doesn’t take the greatest. It’s supposed to be chocolate, but it’s just not as chocolate-y as I’d like.

Speaking of the gym, I am going to continue with my training. We were able to work something out. I can’t go into details other than I have to pay off my remaining balance now, which isn’t going to be a problem. Yay for Visa! And I’m looking forward to getting some good rewards points for this!

Since working out I’ve begun to really develop some serious calluses on my hands. They feel funny. Mainly because their in a weird place: at the base of my fingers. I’m not embarrassed by them, but rather proud. It’s all part of the getting fit process. My muscles aren’t super noticeable yet. I can feel them and I can see them kinda when I flex. It’s a pretty awesome feeling 🙂


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