New Dilemma

The gym is going really well. My cardio has improved a hell of a lot. Told I did about 7 mins of non-stop running on my own. I was just going for 5 mins but I apparently lost track of time. Not that it was a bad thing, for once.  Today we did supersets of opposing muscle groups. So 1 set of upper body, 1 set of lower body, 30-60sec break and repeat. And we aimed to do more reps than usual. Normally I do 12-15. Today was 15-20! Yea, starting to really feel the burn!

Something awesome happened today. I actually said I needed more weights because it was too easy. Yup, I actually said that. Shocking, I know. But it just shows how far I’ve come. To think a month ago I would have laughed at the weights I do now!

Now, my new dilemma. So I haven’t heard anything new about my forces application. Still waiting for freaking GARDA to call my references. So I’m in Limbo until they finally do call them. I can’t get an interview or medical until then. Stupid, I know, but I wont rant on about that now. So my trainer informed me today we only have 7 sessions left. 7!! Which is really only 2 more weeks with how we usually schedule out our appointments.

The question before me now is do I purchase another package or sessions? I’m just worried that if I do it, I’ll get that call and then be screwed. Although, my trainer did say that if I can’t complete them I can sell them off, which wont be too hard to do. But then there’s the flip-side scenario. I don’t purchase more session and then I don’t hear anything for the CF for months! I’m really torn. It is a bit of money, but I do have more than enough to cover it. Plus with working more hours at work now and with min wage having going up recently… I just can’t splurge too much.

For the time being I’m just going to have to think about it. I’ll probably trying calling the RC again and talk to my file manager. See if there’s anything new about my file. See what’s the hold up and maybe if they can just have me come in any ways and do my interview/medical. At least give me something!


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