I know some of you may roll your eyes upon reading this blog today. It will be yet another “rant” so to speak about my CF application. Yes, I know there is a lot of waiting when it comes to the Canadian Forces. Yes, I know why their unofficial motto is “Hurry Up and Wait.” But what is irksome for me is that upon reading on forums discussing the application process I’ve come across a wide array of information. And what’s truly bothersome is how non-standardized a lot of the application process is.

For example, I’ve spoken to many recruits who did things in a different order than myself. Some were asked to submit their paperwork first before writing their CFAT. Some where booked to medical and interviews before their background checks were to be conducted. Some have breezed through the whole process in a matter of 2-3 months! And meanwhile I’ve been waiting since May for my references to be called. They outsource the reference calling to another company, GARDA.

But You figure, my criminal record and credit checks have come back clean and good, why not just have me come in for an interview and my medical in the meantime? Help me save my sanity. Seriously, this is driving me up the wall. Every time I contact them for an update it’s the same thing. They’re still waiting for GARDA to do their damn job. Before you can say anything, I realize that they probably have a large number of applicant and seeing as each applicant needs to provide 5 references, it means a lot of people need to be called. But shouldn’t there be a priority? Why not do things like this: if an applicant has a high score on their CFAT more them to the top of the list? Applicants with lower scores should be a lower priority. Why waste time on doing a background check on an applicant who’s score isn’t competitive?

It’s funny, you’d think with the Canadian Forces being government run, the who application process would be standardized across the country. But it’s not. It’s nowhere near standardized. Recruitment Centres seem to do things their own way, which is frustrating to people like myself. When you get to talking to applicants from all parts of the country and everyone has a different story to tell. Or they were told something completely different at their RC about what to expect or what to do next. It has created this massive web of confusion. Who’s information is correct? Who really has the right answer?

After I wrote my test, I was told to check in ever 4 weeks to get updates and that I should expect to have my medical and interviews within 2-3 months. Well that was on April 8th. August is just around the corner, making it nearly 4 months since my test. And 3 months since my paper work was filed and processed. I just don’t like being given false information or false hope.

I’ve tried to keep my mind off of it, but it’s not easy. It’s always there in the back of my mind, ticking away driving me crazy.


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