Today was full of surprises for me. First being that I actually ran for 5 mins straight on my own today. It wasn’t a fast paced run mind you, but I actually did it on my own. I felt proud about myself. There were a few times where I thought, “hmmm….maybe I’ll switch to walking for a bit….” but I just mentally slapped myself and kicked my own butt. I also learned that I should definitely eat sooner before going to the gym. I ate at 9am, and started my workout at 11. I started feeling a little bit dizzy near 11:20. So lesson learned.

We checked my weight and I think my parent’s scale is broken because I’ve gone down about half a pound since I started working out. When I recently weighed myself at my parents I was about 5lbs heavier. So this was a very pleasant surprise. My fat is melting away and being replaced by lovely muscles! I love that my thighs don’t jiggle so much anymore. I actually like my thighs now! They were one of my problem areas. My lower back has really improved a lot too. I remember the first few weeks of trying to use the foam roller on my back and I couldn’t do it. It was just to damn painful! But now, it’s not a problem.

So I’m feeling really good about myself today. I know I still have problem areas, like my lower abdomen, but that is a really hard area to tone. And being a women and having a uterus makes it more difficult. Boo. But I love that I can actually feel muscles. When I touch my abs I’m actually beginning to feel the muscles building there. It’s so awesome!

Now for a little rewind. I went to Home County Folk Festival yesterday with my mom and aunt. I know, it’s now called “Home County Music & Art Festival” but it just doesn’t have the same ring. I’ve been going to this for years, so it’s going to take many yrs for me to start calling it by it’s new name. I love just sitting and listening to local folk musicians. I know I don’t seem like the “folk-music” type, but I’m a music lover. I love everything! I like rock, metal, rap, pop, techno, jazz, swing, opera etc…

I didn’t buy anything, nothing really jumped out at me. That and my eye has expensive taste. Everything I did like was beyond my budget! After wards we walked back to my aunt’s place and had a drink before heading to my mom’s to dye our hair! It’s been probably close to 3 months since I dyed mine. I went with a new colour, “red penny.” I’m happy with the results. I look more ginger that’s for sure. It’s not a drastic change, but enough to be noticeable. And my hair didn’t turn orange. But yea, you can tell that I’m starting to go white because some areas just don’t hold dye very well. I even left the dye on longer like it suggests for “stubborn greys and whites.”

I was a little careless it seems yesterday. I got a major sunburn on my shoulders and neck. It’s not too bad today, a bit tender. I’ve had far worse burns in my life. This is just annoying. On the bright side my shoulders have colour now! I don’t have nearly as bad of a farmer’s tan. I’m just trying to look on the brightside of everything. Just trying to stay positive and not go nuts as I anxiously wait to schedule my medical and interview. I figured by now I’d have an appointment. But everytime I check it’s the same thing. Still nothing about my background checks. They’ve only had my file for 3 months. I mean how long does it take to call 5 people?

Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a trip downtown and stop in at the RC. I know I could just call, but I’d rather be there in person. That and I wouldn’t mind maybe stopping by the market. I haven’t been there in awhile. And the Library. I’d like to maybe see if I can get any geneology work done. I was told by a librarian friend that the public library has special access to the ancestry site. So there we go, I have a game plan for tomorrow!



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