I almost hesitated to blog about this, but I feel the need to speak about it. I’m referring to the tragic events that have unfolded over the last few days in Ukraine. The downing of MH17 that was on-route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. This situation could have been avoided. This should not have happened. Nearly 300 innocent lives were lost. Approximately 100 were on their way to Australia for an AIDS conference. Scientists who have dedicated their lives to battling HIV and AIDS were lots. Who knows, maybe one of them was close to finding a cure. We’ll never know now.

What bothers me so much is, how on earth do you mistake a passenger airplane for a military one? Even I can tell the deference without the aid of binoculars! Of course, at this point we really don’t know who is to blame, but I think we all know in our hearts who. Well considering the audio that was released of conversations between the pro-Russian separatists… The answer is pretty darn clear. They admitted to it in secret but wont take responsibility now.

What is somewhat interesting is everyone’s reactions to the news. Some news sources posted graphic images of the crash site, where you can see the bodies and body parts strewn among the wreckage. Comments are generally mixed about whether or not these images should be available. A good portion of comments say it’s sick and unnecessary; that we don’t need to see it. But I feel we do. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see the images, but I looked any ways. It made it more real. It’s one thing to write “297 people killed in crash” and to write about it. The images make it sink in. We shouldn’t censor ourselves from the harsh reality. This is what happened and this is what we have to deal with now.

I didn’t personally lose anyone on this flight, but I can’t help but feel the pain and sorrow all the families who did must feel. One women already lost some of her family to the Malaysia Airlines missing plane earlier this year and now she has suffered yet another loss. The more I read in the news about this incident, the more my heart breaks for humanity. And the more I begin to get worried.

The world has been on a downward spiral for the last 20 years. Wars keep popping up left and right. Is this the tipping point? Is this whats going to send us all over the edge? IF it is proven that Russia is ultimately responsible, I worry what the chain reaction will be. Putin has been pushing so many buttons. It’s like he’s trying to get every nation to be pissed at him so he can declare war on everyone!

I really hope and pray it doesn’t come to that. We don’t need another World War, but these days it almost seem inevitable. History likes to repeat itself.



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