Just another day

Honestly nothing too exciting has been going on in my life. I spent last weekend at my parent’s house-sitting the dogs while they went away to Geneseo, NY for an airshow. It was nice to spend time with my babies, Miko & Chicklet. Chicklet still smelled of skunk though. She was sprayed the previous weekend. I believe this was her 3rd time getting sprayed in the last 2-3 years. She just doesn’t learn!

Nothing really interesting going on at work either. Just the same-ol-same-ol. Next week I’m going to be trained on how to do receiving though, so that should be interesting. They want to cross-train a lot of the staff so that if they are ever short-handed, at least someone else can step up and do the job. One of my co-workers quit, which sucked because she was giving me rides to work on the days we worked together. I had a feeling she was gonna quit though. She just had her 3 month review a few weeks ago and I don’t think it went very well. She kept asking me if our supervisor has been on my case about working faster. I kinda half lied and said yes. He hasn’t really, except when I’ve been on books. But I don’t shelve books normally, so I’m not use to it. I don’t have that “muscle-memory” yet, as he would put it.

I’d sad she’s gone because it was fun working with her, but she said it just wasn’t the right fit for her. And when it comes down to it, you should be somewhat happy in your job. If you dread going into work everyday, then you need to make a change. I like my job. It keeps me busy, on my toes and lets me work with merchandising!

Our manager was doing a group interview this morning at 5:30am. One of the applicants left about 30 mins into the interview. I guess he realized it wasn’t for him?I first thought maybe he wasn’t getting something from his car, but then he never came back… Oh well. I didn’t get to “meet” any of the applicants. I had a lot to do this morning. Our impulse tables had to be re-merchandised for the new plannogram. That was a nightmare. The big problem is that people are so inconsiderate when they shop the tables. They pick up item A from table 1 and place on table 2 when they see something else, then that new item ends up god know’s where!

And seriously, what is up with people feeling the need to open up EVERYTHING! and then not even taking the time or effort to repackage it. No one is going to buy that mangled mess you just made. How rude!

Sorry for the rant, but it gets irritating when you have to fix up that all the time.

We have our balcony back finally! It only took them a month to finally get to our balcony. Yea, we got a notice about a month ago saying they were going to start painting. So we had to pull everything into the apartment, which was annoying. But now they are done and I can finally sit outside!

The gym is going well. I’m noticing a lot of improvements. Out of curiosity I weighed myself and I haven’t lost any weight. Oh no, I’ve gained like 4 or 5lbs! But, I expected it. Muscle is more dense than fat. So I may slim down/tone up and still gain weight. But it’s the good kind of weight. It’s muscles! I know my thighs are looking better. They use to be flabby and jiggly, but now they’re looking and feeling more toned and solid. Same goes for my arms. They feel more toned.

Still no word yet from the Canadian Forces about my application. I know, Hurry up and Wait. I just had hoped to at least get my interview done by now.


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