I’m Not Picky! I Swear!

I just have very simple tastes. And I know from experience that certain foods are not worth the pain and discomfort. Yes, they may be yummy but what comes after….not so pleasant.

What has spurred this blog entry you ask? Well the other day I was at my parents and we were trying to decide what to do for a quick dinner. I had seen pizzas in the freezer so I suggested that. But upon a closer look they turned out to be pizzas I can’t eat or simply would not want to eat. A couple were bruscetta, which is loaded with tiny onions. ME and onions don’t get along very well. Yes they add flavour but they make my tummy hurt.

Then there was a Canadian which is loaded with mushrooms, which I absolutely hate. Believe me, I wish I love mushrooms. I’ve tried them so many ways but it all comes down to the taste and texture. I can’t get over how gross they taste and feel! Excuse while I go gag a little.

Finally there were 2 pizzas with spinach. Yup, you guessed it I don’t like spinach. Again, like the mushrooms I wish I liked them but I can’t. They taste yucky and I’m not fond of the texture either.

We ended up making burgers because it was all we had that would be quick-ish. I’m getting sick of burgers. I feel like I’ve had so many in the past week.

Oh and speaking of burgers, if I ever order a burger somewhere I have to order basically everything off of it. No mayo, no onion, no tomato, and no lettuce. Personally I feel like since I’m ordering half, if not more, than most of the topping off I should have my burgers discounted. Maybe I’ll try that sometime…. But the reason I order all those things off is I just don’t like individually or combined. I like lettuce, jut not on my burger. I like lettuce in salads or sometimes on a sandwich.

But what is the cause of this? Well I haven’t been officially diagnosed, but based on my own research I’ve concluded I’m a type of “Supertaster.” Individuals who are classified as a supertaster simply experience certain tastes more intensely. For supertasters, coffee, hoppy beer and vegetables like broccoli might be too bitter; cake and ice cream might be too rich and chili peppers might be too hot.

I’m not a huge fan of coffee, and when I did drink it, it was only for the caffeine fix that I needed. I’ve since been able to kick coffee and I’m not longer so dependent on it! Green tea is more bitter to supertasters and yes it is. I can’t do straight green tea. For me it has to be mixed with something like lemon or other herbs. Most leafy veggies are a no-go for us. I can only eat broccoli if it’s been cooked and smothered in butter. The same goes for brussel sprouts.

Soy products are another no-no food. I laugh when my friends tell me they can’t tell the difference between soy-milk and regular milk. Believe me, there is a HUGE difference! And anything soy-related just tastes plain old nasty. But everyone I know can’t tell the difference and insists on making me feel bad for being “picky.” Well I’m not picky, my tongue just has more tastesbuds than the average person.

Oh and spicy food is overly spicy for me. I when to a Thai restaurant once and one of my friend ordered an extra mild dish. She’s not a fan of spicy foods, but she said it wasn’t too bad. So I tried it and my mouth felt like it was on fire. Extra mild still means really spicy.

Even certain alcoholic beverages are too intense for our tongues. This explains why I’m considered the black sheep in my families. I wish I liked wine, I wish I liked beer. My dad has been making wine for years but I can’t enjoy the fruits of his labours because of my cursed tongue. All I can do is cocktails when you can’t really taste any of the alcohol.

So the next time someone appears to be picky, it may not be their fault. They may just experience certain flavours more intensely. It is hard and is a burden. Trying new foods is often very scary. I remember the first time I tried sushi. I was so excited because I use to be overly obsessed with everything Japanese. I popped one roll in my mouth and I wanted to gag. It was very hard to forced myself to chew and swallow. My friends had to basically eat the rest of the sushi. I was so sad. I couldn’t enjoy sushi. Damn my tongue!


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