Yes, I’ve been very quiet on the blog lately. I do apologize. I’ve been busy with work, life and all that jazz. Still no news on my application. So waiting for the RCMP to finish my criminal record check and for GARDA to call my references. I wish they would hurry up. I know, I need to get use to the waiting. But it just feels like everything has slowed down now. There is some silver lining, it’s giving me the chance to work on my body more. God, I can’t imagine doing BMQ right now. I have made progress at the gym, but I don’t think I’m quite at the point I want to be yet.

Last weekend in Tillsonburg there was a mini-airshow. I do believe I posted some photos. I posted a few on twitter and tagged the RCAF and they retweeted! I’m still getting notifications that people are retweeting my pictures! I just wasn’t expecting that at all! I’m feeling very humbled by it.

This weekend in Tillsonburg is the 75th anniversary of the Harvards. Unfortunately my time there has been cut short. Well Friday was my hubby’s birthday, so I spent the day with him ❤ We went to the movies and then went out for dinner at Earl’s. I came to the sad realization that my body can no longer tolerate things like greasy burgers. I got sick on the way home. Not my finest moment, but I’ve had worse. Yesterday I actually got out to Tillsonburg and got some shots in until I got a phone call.

My mother got a touch of food poisoning from her lunch on Thursday. She had been sick all Friday and was still sick on Saturday. She was going to try and go to the doctors but couldn’t do it. So my father and I rushed home. He took her to the clinic and I stayed home to clean up the house, wash the sheets, clean the bathrooms and just freshen the place up. I’ve never seen my mother that sick in my life. It was hard to see this normally strong women look so weak and fragile. After they got back, I stuck around tried to help out.

My father and I were supposed to go to Tillsonburg today. That obviously didn’t happen. I gave my dad a call around 7am, to make sure he was up and on his way. But the phone kept ringing. The answering machine didn’t pick up, which is very odd. I tried his cell phone and he answered. He was at the hospital with my mom. They had been there since 6am. My mother wasn’t getting any better.

She was admitted this morning. She’s had x-rays and an ultrasound done. They have her hooked up to IVs, so she’s getting re-hydrated. She is looking a bit better now, but still not well enough to come home. That wont happen for probably 2 days. Well with all the vomiting she’s been doing over the last 72 hrs she became severely dehydrated and her kidney’s were failing.

I’m appalled by the doctor at the clinic who seemed to have done nothing. She had been sick for over 48hrs with no sign of getting better. All they did was give her a shot of gravol and told her to rest. Easier said than done. If that’s all it would take, don’t you think she would have been feeling better at that point? Did the doctor not think we didn’t try that? What the doctor should have said was to take her to the hospital. I know clinic doctors generally just want to rush people out, but this could be a life or death scenario.

This is not the way I wanted to spend the first weekend of summer. I don’t think any of us wanted this to be our kick-off to summer. I hjust hope my mom rebounds overnight. I don’t like seeing her that way. It really does break my heart. I feel useless. I wish I could make it go away. I wish I could make her feel better.


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