Well I’m definitely improving at the gym. My endurance is better, I can even do more weights!

My trainer can be a little too optimistic at times. Like today we used a new machine. I have no idea what it’s called but it’s got weights and you do squats. We all know how much I love squats…insert dramatic eye roll here. So he puts 90lbs on the machine. I do one. It was hard getting back up. I do a second one. It was very hard to get up. I do a third and I almost can’t even get up! He brings down the weight to some a little more manageable. It was still heard and I hate it.

We worked on my biceps and triceps. That where I noticed my improvements the most. I was actually able to do them fairly well. By the 3 set I began to feel exhausted, but he also added an extra 5lbs at that point. Regardless, I’m making improvements and that makes me happy. Even those damn crunches and planks are getting a little easier. I said a little, they’re still a pain in the ass to do. But that because I’m not doing “conventional” crunches. I’m doing weird ones. I don’t know to describe them, but they’re meant to work more than just your abs.

My trainer like to torture me with crunches and then planking. Like I’ll do a set of crunches and then go and plank right away. So freaking hard! I at least got to 20 secs while planking today. May not sound like much, but considering just over a week ago I could maybe only do it for 10 secs, moving up to 20 is awesome! It was hard as hell but awesome!


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