How Rude

So I finally went into David’s Bridal to see the dress the bride picked. The style is okay. She could have done worse. I’m not crazy over the moon about it. The colour….I would have preferred something darker. They didn’t have a single dress in the colour for me to try on, so that was annoying.

I should start from the beginning. I walked in with my mom and probably had to wait close to 3 minutes before I got so much as a “Hello” or “Welcome to David’s Bridal! What brings you in today?” Nope, there were 3 consultants at the welcome desk who ignored me. Granted one was busy on the phone with a customer but the other two? They had no excuse. I was clearly visible. I don’t know how they could of missed me.

Finding the dress was another long wait. It really shouldn’t have taken her THAT long to pull up the file on the computer. For the duration of my time there in the store, it was awkward. I didn’t feel welcome at all. I think if I had of had a better experience, I may have ordered the dress. But they were rude so I’ll go back another day.

I could understand if it was crazy busy, but it wasn’t. So I don’t know what their deal was. I’m a customer. I expect to be treated as such.


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