Miko & Chicklet

This post is gonna be just some photo love for my Boston Terrier pups! I got Miko back in 2007. She is my first dog ever. No, I didn’t adopt or rescue her, I purchased her through a breeder. I feel weird saying that, because she’s not just some piece of property, she’s my baby girl. I remember when I saw her for the first time. She was so tiny! She could fit in the palm of my hand. I fell in love right then and there. I knew she had to be mine. Once she was old enough I took her home to begin her new life.

I tried to crate train her, and it went well until she peed in her crate. And even after cleaning up the mess she didn’t want to sleep alone. I caved and let her into my bed. I don’t regret my choice. She’s not a big dog so it’s not like she takes up the whole bed or anything.

Having Miko has been a rollercoaster. She’s was the runt of the litter, so of course she had to inherit everything wrong. By that I mean food allergies. Oh yes, dogs get them. She can’t have wheat, poultry or corn. Getting her fixed was another problem. The little bitch went into heat the morning before she was scheduled to be spayed! I could not believe it! So she got to go through puberty and wear a diaper for a month. Joy. As she has aged she has developed a knee problem, which her breed is prone to. But despite her faults I still love her to pieces!

Chicklet is actually Miko’s older sister by a year. They both come from the same mama and papa, just different litters. Chicklet had a bit of a journey before coming to my family. My cousin got her initially, but a few years later when he got his boxer Miley, he gave Chicklet to his mother. The two just couldn’t get along. Chicklet has the little dog syndrome where she thinks she’s a big dog and thus can put larger dogs in their place. So not a safe environment for her.

One weekend my aunt had to go away out of town, so we had Chicklet come for a sleep over. Then Chicklet just never went home. Our home was more ideal for her. She had a larger house, a fenced in backyard and someone to take her for nice long walks in the woods daily.

Now Chicklet has had her issues. She doesn’t like big dogs that much, so taking her for walks and interacting with other dogs can be touch-and-go. She also didn’t learn her lesson about skunks. She’s been sprayed twice. Well the first time was a near miss. The skunk sprayed, but just missed her. The second time was a hit. Oh lordy that wasn’t fun. FYI, tomato juice is a big fat lie. It doesn’t work. Instead we found a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap worked well. Also we got this skunk be gone shampoo stuff from the pet store which actually worked really well too.

Well, time for some photos! Enjoy!

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