Lunges, the Bane of my Existence!

I hope everyone had a good long weekend! I didn’t do too much. I mainly stayed in and did some cleaning around the apartment. Oh I went shopping in Port Huron on Saturday with my mum. I love shopping in the states! They always have new or different kinds of stuff. Like I got some cookies that I’ve never seen flavour-wise. One is Root Beer Float and the other is Mocha. Oh and they’re chewy chocolate chip cookies! The Mocha is so yummy! I wish I bought move of them, lol!

I got some shirts for work and the gym, which were dirt cheap. Well cheap when you compare what you’d pay here in Canada. Meijer’s had their 10 for $10 and get the 11th free sale going on. So I got some good deals there. I wish stores here would do sales like that. Screw Target, Canada needs a Meijer’s! lol

Yesterday I went downtown with my parents and nephew to FanFest down at Bud Gardens for the Memorial Cup. They need food vendors there. Too bad city council are idiots and voted against food trucks. If you wanted to eat, you had a ways to go. We ended up just leaving the core because everywhere you went was so crowed! Any ways, he’s a photo of my daddy and me sporrting our London Knights jerseys! I’m wearing my dad’s old one. I think it may even be older than me!

Today was hard. Well, I did’t get much sleep due to people setting off fireworks. It’s hard to fall asleep at 9:30 when all you can hear is pops and bangs. Getting up at 4 was difficult. I just wanted to sleep some more! But I dragged my butt out of bed and got to work on time.

Work went well. I got high praises from my manager and the store manager for my job on the impulse-buy tables! The store’s GM said she hadn’t seen them look so neat and organised in almost 3 years! All I did was follow the plannogram. It’s not rocket science, lol! But yea, that so made my day! And it’s nice to be MERCHANDISING!!!! I only went to college it like 7 years ago, it’s about damn time I got a job in my field!

I got my discount card for work too 🙂 I’m pretty excited about that! And I got my pay stub. I was the only one out of the newbies who did, so I think there’s a bit of jealousy going on now. I definitely get the feeling that the other girl who was hired with me secretly resents me. She wants to work in the lifestyle section but she’s been in either books or toys. Meanwhile I’ve been doing a lot of the lifestyle stuff. But she doesn’t have much merchandising experience. Well considering I’ve worked in a kitchen/home deco store, and I’ve done a lot of merchandising with said products, I kinda have the upper hand. But yea, I kinda felt a bit of a glare from her when I got my pay stub and she didn’t….Oh well, my paperwork was processed quicker, I can’t help you with that.

The gym was a bit brutal. Well it started off fine, then he made me do lunges. Have I mentioned how much I hate lunges? I really, really do hate them. My legs feel like jelly. Good thing I have tomorrow off! Although I am going to the gym and talk to my trainer about extending my training. I crunch some numbers over the weekend and I think I’d like to do 20-25 more, instead of the 36 he suggested. I would do 36, but I’m just concerned that I’ll get my call for basic before we get to finish them. At least with 20-25, if need be, I could just go to the gym 4-5times a week if I get the call to use up my sessions. August is only 2 1/2 months away. I know nothing is official yet, but I had a dream and my dreams have come true before.


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