Big Choice to Make

So my sessions are almost done with my trainer at the gym. The big question is, do I continue with him or just try to do this on my own? Honestly, I’d like to stick with my trainer. He pushes me to keep going. I know if he wasn’t there telling me to do 3 more reps I’d probably just quit and move onto something else. Now my dilemma is this: the cost. To have him be my trainer for at least 36 sessions wont be cheap. I can to a payment plan where I pay a small amount weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc… So it’s less of a shock to the wallet. But regardless, I still have to pay that full amount.

I know, this is an investment, and I want to get fit. Why else would I have gone through everything I have thus far? If I wasn’t serious, I would have never walked into Goodlife. This isn’t a matter of knowing whether I can afford it or not, because I can. I have enough in my savings to pay for it up front if I really wanted to. It’s just, I didn’t spend this much on my own wedding dress! Even if I was still shopping for a dress, I wouldn’t want to spend this much on it. I know, bad example as a wedding dress is a one time thing, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

I guess I just need to wrap my head around the numbers a bit more. I have until Tuesday to decide. So I’ve got all weekend to think things through.

Switching gears, I got to do some merchandising at work today ^_^ I like merchandising! Looking at planograms, troubleshooting, making things look pretty! It was a bit annoying because we didn’t have some of the stuff I needed, which meant I had to improvise. The end result was good, I think. Tomorrow is my last shift for the week and then I get to sleep in all weekend! Yay! Sadly, sleeping in might mean sleeping until 7, lol… My body has begun to adjust to these early mornings by making me very tired around 8-ish. Last night I was physically in bed by 9:15! I was dead tired!


2 thoughts on “Big Choice to Make

  1. Do you want my unsolicited advice?…All right, I’m interpreting your silence as tacit compliance…

    Trainers are valuable. Absolutely. I think that in the beginning most people do not know how to set appropriate/reasonable goals and exercise properly…so having someone who knows what they are doing around is key for success. That being said, I think most gyms charge a ridiculous amount for trainer fees (I belonged to Goodlife and the Athletic Club respectively when I lived in London and had a trainer at Goodlife) and I think that often times they simply become an expensive cheerleader. I don’t know about anyone else…but if I need motivation I can turn to other people who might want to work out with me…or even something as simple as daily motivational messages from my iPhone courtesy of the dozens of free apps out there. Ultimately, you have to do what is right for you…but I know that I can think of many other useful places for my money than paying a trainer.

    Food for thought anyway. Best of luck on your fitness journey 🙂


    • I can see your perspective and maybe some people don’t need one, but I really feel like this is something I need now. I honestly never thought I’d need a trainer, but when I really began to think about it, I didn’t know where to begin with my training. And there’s a good chance I maybe be sent off for BMQ by the summer’s end, which leaves me with very little time to get in shape.

      I’ve weighed a lot of the pro’s and con’s about it, and I think I am going to stick with him. He knows what my goals are, and he knows what I need to do. He’s been incredibly helpful in teaching me and pushing me to go the extra bit. I unfortunately don’t have any “gym” friends, which makes the idea of working out that much harder. I don’t like the idea of doing this alone, especially when I’ve never really used a gym before in my life. My experience with a gym is limited to my time at RMC, lol! I was in the “fun” class where we played sports and did one week of fitness the entire semester.

      I’ve come to terms with the cost, but I have the money saved up any ways. Also I look at it as an investment. Going through this now will make doing it later so much easier on my body, lol!


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