Change of Pace

First, my legs hurt so bloody bad over the weekend. You have no idea! Trying to sit down was a near impossible task. Trying to stand up, just as difficult. At one point I wished I didn’t have legs so the pain would go away. But I fully expected that. I was prepared mentally for the pain. I knew it would come and make me wish I was dead. But the pain is a good thing. It’s telling me that I’m working my muscles, I’m strengthening them, making them stronger!

But yea, glad I didn’t agree to go to the gym on Saturday. My trainer wanted me to, but no, just wasn’t going to happen. I went yesterday. It was harder for sure, and I learned some new things to do to help me with my workouts. I used an interesting machine called an assisted chip up. It’s probably gonna be one of my go-to machines because yea, it’s a hell of a workout. And it would be nice to be able to actually do a chin up unassisted one day. The key to the machine is that the less weight, the harder it is. I know, most machines it’s the other way around.

Oh, he made me do some more lunges. I was not happy. My legs were still sore from Thursday. But these ones were a bit different. They’re called split lunges. Still painful, but not nearly as hard to do. Well they were hard, but that was because I was in pain! We worked my on biceps and triceps some more. On one of the machines, I think it was the triceps extension, he kept adding on more weight! I was struggling as it was! and he just drops an extra 10lbs on top! May not sound like much, but when you just started out pretty much and your arms are already tired from working out, an extra 10lbs is hard! This was towards the end of our session, by the way.

To end my session we went into the studio for some crunches! God I hate them! Sit ups, I’m fine with, it’s the crunches that are hard. Oh and then he wanted me to to plank afterwards. He wanted me to hold it for 30 secs. I couldn’t. Well, I could have but my hips were to high and lowering them made it more difficult. I honestly did try and gave it my all. Even after I collapsed I got back into to position, tried to keep my mind off the pain, but my body was just like “Eff this I’m done.”

Changing gears, work is going well! I worked yesterday and today. I also work the rest of the week! Most people wouldn’t be so happy to work five 5am shifts in a row, but it means I’ll be working over 20hrs this week! AMAZING! It’s the small things in life that make me happy as you can see. Well when you consider how many shifts I got on average from my last job, this is like the a goldmine! When I worked for David’s Bridal I would work 1, maybe 2 shifts a week, working only 7-14 hrs. And this was during their “busy” season. Talk about major disappointment. I figured I’d be getting more hours because they would be “busy,” however, they were only busy on Saturdays and Sundays apparently.

So can you see why I’m happy? And my coworkers are honestly awesome people. I hardly know them at this point but they are so nice and friendly. Even the managers are awesome! Well, I don’t think anyone will be my manger from Benix/Bowring. She was the best manager I’ve ever had. I miss working with her. I miss everyone from there…well almost everyone. I don’t miss our DSM so much, but I don’t think anyone would really miss her. She was your typical DSM, so use your imagination.

Back on to the topic of working out. I can definitely say that I’m so glad I’m doing this now. I’m glad I’m trying to get myself into shape. I would have been re-coursed the first week there. I know I wouldn’t pass that initial fitness test you have to do. I’d be on warrior platoon for probably 4 weeks, which would add to my 12 weeks already. I would prefer to get my BMQ done in those 12 weeks thank you very much! I am seeing improvements already, which makes me one happy girl!


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