Oh the Pain!

Yesterday was a busy day for me. First I hit the gym and worked out with my trainer. Oh my god. It was apparently leg day and let me tell you my legs are feeling it today! I apologize for complaining so much. My legs just aren’t use to this sort of strenuous activity. I did lots of squats and lunges. I actually fell backwards while doing a lunge at one p;oint. I knew it was gonna happen so I laughed it off.

My legs felt like jelly. That’s the only way I could describe it. Walking was hard, not for the pain because I didn’t really feel much but just because my legs almost felt numb? I mean, I could feel my legs, I just couldn’t coordinate them very well.

After the gym, I met up with my mom who was next door getting a mani-pedi. I thought about getting a pedi, but I figured once I sat down I probably wouldn’t want to get out of that chair, lol! That and I have no sandals with me, but my walking shoes. So I went home, showered, ate and relaxed then went to my work orientation. Whats sad is, I’m going to hate having to quit my job eventually. Once I get my call I’m out. It seems like such a fun place, everyone is super nice and awesome!

Going to bed early was a challenge. You see I had to work this morning at 5am. So I tried to get to bed by 10-10:30. I didn’t sleep well, mainly because some damn annoying kids practicing their skateboarding in the parking lot.

Getting up at 4am wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I still haven’t had any sort of coffee or tea yet today. I did have little 15 min nap about 20 mins ago, lol….but my legs were definitely feeling the pain today. I feel fine sitting/laying down and standing. It’s the getting up and getting down that is painful. My trainer wanted me to come in tomorrow. I laugh at him. I said no, I can’t. My legs wont permit me at this point.

And yes, I KNOW! The pain is a good thing, it means my muscles will get stronger! It just sucks because I was supposed to go shopping state-side with my mom tomorrow. But We’ll just do it next weekend. But I kinda wanted to go now….so I could buy cheap clothes and groceries….

Tonight will be a Netflix night. I’ll curl up with a cup of herbal tea and maybe have a House marathon. I would like to watch a movie, but the only movie I want to watch isn’t on Netflix -__- I’m in a bit of a historical mood, so I’m wanting to watch Elizabeth, but nooooo Netflix is dumb and doesn’t have it.



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