Jobless No More!

So I got the job at Chapters! I got the cal the other day. I start my orientation this Thursday! Now I don’t feel so bad for splurging by joining the gym and getting the personal trainer. Speaking of which, I start that today. I have my first session this morning. I need to stop off at Giant Tiger before going. I want to take a quick look at their ladies clothing. I realized yesterday I have no shirts I can wear to work. Shirts have to have collars and the only shirts I have with collar I can’t wear because they’re not the right colour. Tops have to be black, white or any shade of blue. I have a teal striped top, a brown and red striped top and an orange top.

I figure I’ll stop in before dying at the gym. I honestly hope I’ll have the energy to walk home afterwards. You may think I’m just overreacting or being overly dramatic but I haven’t done a hard workout in years! Chances are I’ll be toast afterwards.

And if anyone has a Goodlife membership and wants a gym buddy I’m available! I really don’t want to be doing this alone and I only have my trainer for 6 sessions.


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