Application Update!

Okay! So I ventured to the recruiting center downtown today to check on the status of my Canadian Forces Application. It’s looking good!

Apparently my paperwork was only just submitted on April 28th. Yea…a whole 20 days later…but now that means they can begin my background check, make sure I don’t have any outlandish debts or criminal offenses etc. I know that will come back clean as a whistle! I’ve never been arrested and I currently have no debts. He said that will take about a week to verify, then they’ll call my references, which should take another week to do. Then if that is all good, I get a phone call to book my medical and interview!

He also said that because of my high test score on the CFAT I rank high on their priority list! I was blown away! I didn’t think I did THAT good! So hopefully within in the next month I’ll have everything done and maybe even get in! I could be going to BMQ this June! Holy crap! I know you might think it’s unlikely, but on the forum I frequent, someone just got their job offer on April 28th, they swear in on May 3rd and leave for BMQ on May 5th! I hope I have more time than a week o_O especially if I get a job in the meantime…

Speaking of jobs, I went out and dropped off some resumes today. I’d also been applying online to a few other jobs. I have a feeling Green Earth may give me a call. I felt ever so awkward dropping off that resume. It was the same manager who interviewed me 2 yrs ago and chose my former co-worker over me. Since then I’d been avoiding the place like the plague. But she remembered me, so maybe I left a good impression? I’ve been telling every place that I’ve applied to that I’m only looking for part-time. I mean I would like full-time, but with my forces application, I don’t want to commit to a full-time job if I may only be there for a couple months. At least if I’m part time I wont feel too bad about leaving.


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