No I haven’t forgotten

I haven’t forgotten or given up on this blog. I’ve just been a tad busy the last week. I actually have a few blogs drafted, I’m just not happy with how they read…So I will post them soon.

It’s crunch time for taxes and this year is a whole new bag of worms. Mainly because of my husbands work. We weren’t exactly sure how to go about doing his stuff since he doesn’t have your typical 9-5 job and doesn’t work for a company, which means no T4 slip. We went to a place nearby that does taxes and they made it pretty easy. Technically my husband is self-employed, he is contracted by other businesses to do web design work. All he needed to do was fill out some worksheets (his income, expenses, capital purchases etc..) and they’d do the rest.

I was stressing out for the longest time. I don’t like leaving stuff like taxes to the last minute. But when you don’t know what you’re supposed to do and everyone you know has no clue, you kinda just stress and pray that it’ll go away.

But taxes are now done! Yay! I’m still disappointed we couldn’t claim our cat as a dependent. She depends on us to feed her and take her to the vet. We have a lot of vet bills for this past year. I was really hoping we could claim them. If she was a service animal like a seeing-eye dog we could, but she’s kinda of going blind in one eye so she’d make a terrible seeing-eye cat…lol….

I want to buy a bicycle. It’ll make getting places easier and make me less dependent on the LTC. My problem seems to be finding the perfect bike at that perfect price. I found one at Costco but they’re asking for $279…that’s more than I’m willing to spend right now. Well at least until I get employed somewhere…If I had a job right now I probably would have bought it.

Oh crap, why did I just look at the Canadian Tire website? One of the bikes I was looking at is on sale for $205, it was $279.99 and fairly similar to the Costco bike…crap. And to make matters worse, the sale end tomorrow! Fuuuuuuu!!!!

Time to decide if I want to splurge or not….crap.


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