Learin’ Skillz

Today I ventured to the town of Tillsonburg with my father to attend a course at the CHAA (Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association). The course was for Service Crew personnel, to learn about how to do basic maintenance on the aircraft they service. The emphasis was on the Harvard MkII and MkIV. I knew a bit about them before hand, but this was whole new can of worms. It was definitely a big learning experience and I’m glad I sacrificed the opportunity to sleep in to attend.

So what exactly did we learn? Here’s a quick rundown of the topics:

  • Towing, marshalling, parking, and securing aircraft
  • Maintaining aircraft cleanliness
  • Re-fueling aircraft
  • Replenishing aircraft fluids
  • Pre-flight inspection of aircraft
  • External starting procedures and;
  • Maintaining service documentation.

It was bloody cold in the hanger this morning. I wish I had of brought a coat with me. All I had was a t-shirt and zip-up sweater. Well I didn’t think I’d need to layer up seeing as it was going to be 17 in the afternoon! I also figured we’d be in a building, like a normal building. Nope, silly me. But they did take the lesson outside in the warmth of the sun later. We did a walk-around a Hardvard, going over what to do as part of the pre-flight inspection. I think I actually got a bit of a sunburn on my face. I didn’t expect that to happen until June or July!

After that, we broke for lunch, had some sandwiches, fruit and wraps, then it was back into the cold hanger. We also learned how to hand wind/crank the engine of a Harvard. It’s not easy. I would have tried if I wasn’t freezing so much!

After more lectures we wrote a test! Gah! I wasn’t expecting that! I did fairly well though. I got 88% so I’m pretty proud of myself. And hey, it was a learning experience and may give me a slight edge with my CF application. At least I can say in my interview that I have some knowledge on aircraft maintenance and marshalling. Everything helps right?


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