I went to a job fair today for a new supermarket opening in June. Thank goodness I did a little bit a research on the company. One thing I can say is that this job fair was more organized than the last job fair I went to.

I ended up applying for a position in the bakery. I want to try something different, plus with it being more physically intensive, it’ll be like a free work-out! I had 2 interviews, one was very generalized. I guess you could say it was a test to see if you would be a good candidate. Then you go sit in a different area of the room and get interviewed by someone from the department you’re applying for. So they asked more job specific questions, along with more generalized ones.

I think it went well. I feel better about this interview than my interview from yesterday. I’ll be surprised if I get the job. I actually kind of hope I don’t. I don’t think I’d be happy there. Just my overall impression of the girl who interviewed me, it kind of turned me off… I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s just a feeling.

So here’s hoping I get the bakery job! I think I’d be more happy there. It’d be less customer service, meaning less of having to deal with customers.

I thought it was funny when my second interviewer asked me if I’d be okay lifting up to 50lbs and climbing ladders while carrying up to 50lbs. I said I was fine! I was use to it from working at Bowring and Benix. Everyday we were climbing ladders, hanging ridiculously heavy artwork etc…

I think she was surprised because I’m girl. I tried to dress less “girly” or “posh” to the interview. I wore black pants, a nice semi-casual top, minimal make-up and no jewelry. So I think that helped. Pretty sure if I showed up wearing what I did yesterday to my interview I would have been turned down or told to be cashier.

But overall I feel good. So here’s hoping for the best!


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