Where Did It Go?

Time that is. It seems to just zoom past in a blink of an eye. It’s almost hard to believe that this time last year I was getting all the finishing details done for our wedding. Andrew and I had just begun moving into our first place together. There was so much unpacking and organizing that could make your head spin!

I’m actually looking back on my timeline on Facebook to see what I was up to this time last year. Looks like I booked our hotel for FanExpo on this day. I’m holding off on that for the time being for this year. I don’t want to make that sort of commitment while I’m in the process of applying to the Canadian Forces. If I get in in the next 2 months, I could be off to St Jean in June, which means I’d miss FanExpo. So until I get this whole application thing sorted, I don’t want to be making any vacation plans.

Let’s see what else…Oh! The upcoming weekend was my Bachelorette Party! We need to go bowling again. My party was more low-key I guess you could say, but I liked it. It was just me and my girls having fun together. No need to get wasted and make a fool of myself. Mani’s, dinner, drinks and bowling in dresses! I had such a blast!

I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since my work closed. It doesn’t feel that long. Speaking of my old job, I need to call my manager from there and see if she’s okay with me using her as a reference. I know she’ll be fine, but I don’t want it to be a surprise phone call. Chances are she will get a phone call from the CF, seeing as she’s the only manager I’ve put down as a reference. Well I don’t know my old manager’s (from Clair de Lune) contact info. Also seeing as I haven’t spoken to her since 2011…

Moving along, I did a lot of walking yesterday. No jogging like I had hoped. But I went out twice yesterday. My first walk I did about 3km, then I went out with my friend Chelsea and we walked 4.4km. So in total I walked about 7.4km! I mapped it out on a pedometer map afterwards to find my total. I’m quite impressed with myself. I might try to go again today, weather permitting. It’s been looking a little grey all morning and they’re calling for rain in the evening. Even the temp for today is much cooler than yesterday.

But we shall see. Anything can happen right? I do want to push walking longer each day. Just ot get back into the swing of things. My legs have been so sore since I’ve started this whol fitness kick, that needs to change asap. I want to be able to survive BMQ if I get in.


2 thoughts on “Where Did It Go?

  1. Time does fly by…too fast! Whenever I think of the fact that we have been out of secondary school for ten years I am always kind of shocked. I mean it does feel like a long time ago…but ten years?! We’re old farts 😉


    • I know what you mean! It just doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. I think back to when I graduated from elementary school and I can believe that it look 10 years to complete (JK-gr8), but I still find it hard to believe it’ll be 10 years this June that I graduated from high school. Time needs to slow down, it’s moving too fast now! lol


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