Spring Cleaning

So Mother Nature has finally decided to sober up it seems. We’ve actually had temps above 0! I can hardly believe it! This winter has gone on for far too long!

In the spirit of spring, I did some Spring Cleaning! I went through my closet and dresser and decided to part ways with a lot of clothes. I felt very productive. I have almost 2 garbage bags full of clothes to donate. It felt great to make such a huge dent. I’ve also been organizing like a machine the last few days. Still have some more orangizing to do though…

Yesterday was my last day at work. It was bitter sweet. It’s hard to fake being happy when right at the start of your shift, your manager pulls you aside and lets you know that today’s your last day. I knew it was coming. I think I even mentioned it in a post last week. I still don’t know why they’re keeping that one person. Honestly, she’s useless. Even still she doesn’t know where everything is. I had to find stuff for her. Oh and talk about rubbing salt on an open wound, they were training her on the register yesterday. Meanwhile me and another girl are being given the heave-ho. You could wait for another day. Talk about poor timing on their part.

But there was a ray of hope yesterday. I went into Chapters on my break and while looking ion their “Study Guide” section I found a book I need so I can do well on the CFAT! the book is called “The Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Military, Border Services, Corrections and Security Exams” and it’s one of the recommended books by the Canadian Forces to help prep you for the test! I wanted to jump for joy! And it only ended up costing my $7!! Yes 7! How? Well I had a gift card and I used up my Plum Points which I’ve been saving for a rainy day. It didn’t rain yesterday, but it was one of those depressing days that should be a rainy day.

Any ways, it’s pretty thorough. So I plan on studying my booty off all this week. I want to do well on the CFAT so I can get in soon! Perhaps this is a sign? Perhaps now that the weather is improving it’s another sign that things are going in the right direction. My life is finally going down the correct path! I long for stability, I long for a career that can support me and my husband, and our future offspring. No that’s not a hint that anything is on its way. I’m not ready for that just yet.

It was funny yesterday at work, so many of my co-workers were surprised to find out that A) I want to get in the CF, B) that I’m married and C) that I’m 28. The last one floored them the most. I know, I look really young for my age. Call it good genes? A clean lifestyle helps too…I don’t smoke, I’ve never done drugs and I drink only occasionally(restaurants, special dinners/parties etc…).

Oh if anyone wants to borrow my book after I’m done, you’re welcome to. I don’t know if anyone who reads my blog is also thinking of going into the CF or anything else the books covers. I just expect the book back when you’re done.


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