On the Hunt!

Today I’m doing something I haven’t done in awhile. Well, technically not awhile….as I have been doing this over the last couple weeks, just online….Any ways! I’m going job hunting out in the real world! I’m printing off resumes and hitting the pavement! Hopefully someone will take pity on me and hire me. I need a new job.

The frustrating thing with today’s society is that a lot of employers no longer take resumes at store level. It’s all “go to our website, jump through all the hoops and hurdles and then we probably wont even contact you ever because I’m hiring my friend’s daughter who has no relevant experience but I know her mother so it’s okay.” Meanwhile everyone else who deserves the job doesn’t get the job.

Honestly, that’s how it feels nowadays. You don’t get a job unless you know someone on the inside. I only got my temporary job at David’s because one of the girls working there also worked with me at my last job. And she’s all tight with management so yea, that was that. But I’m only a temp so I’m out of work very soon. I’m debating if I should try to apply to Chapters AGAIN. They’re ridiculous questionnaire has not changed in the last 5 years, I have answered honestly and I’m still not a suitable candidate for a customer service rep??? I have nearly 10 yrs of retail and CSR experience and I don’t qualify???? *flips table*

I’m also debating whether I should bother applying at Green Earth. I’ve only been interviewed like 4 times by them over the years. 3 times by the same guy! Although, granted the last time He did want to hire me but he left the decision with the manager, who hired the other candidate because she knew her. It’s pretty sad when the DSM wants you but makes the foolish decision to let the manager make the final pick. He should have used his mighty DSM powers and just hired me.

I also need to call Fanshawe and Wheable today. I need to request my transcripts from them. In just over 2 weeks I write my CFAT! O_O


2 thoughts on “On the Hunt!

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m hoping for the best right now. I just need something to keep a bit of money coming in until I get into the Forces, which could take months >_<


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