Another One Bites The Dust

I’m switching gears today. No CF application talk today. Instead, I’m going to talk about a sad little news story about a local business in my hometown.

I came across this article on my social media accounts the other night and it just makes me sad and mad. Logo Sports has been a staple in White Oaks Mall for many, many years (25 to be exact) and the new mall management has decided it’s time for this locally run and family owned shop to go.

But why? Were they not making enough money? No, because the owners even asked if they could relocate in the mall, and if you’ve been to White Oaks in the last few months you’d know there’s a plethora of empty stores there. No, mall management said no. They want them out of the mall, period.

Did mall management think this story wouldn’t hit public ears? That’s laughable. When you have a store that’s been in the same spot for 25 years, there’s going to be public outcry. You should see the comments on the article for yourself! And the comments people are making on their facebook page and on twitter. The general public is not happy one bit.

This isn’t something new what mall management is doing. I’ve seen it done time and time again at other malls. When I worked at Masonville Place, I saw this happen a lot. Here’s a delightful little story about that mall. There were 2 small shops side-by-side. Mall management wanted a bigger store there, so they merged to 2 plots and sold it to someone else, forcing the 2 smaller shops out of their leases and not offering or letting them relocate. Heck, I worked at a store that was forced out of their lease because they wanted someone else in our spot! It’s disgusting how some malls operate.

A lot of tenants have not liked the new owners at White Oaks. When I was working in the mall over the Christmas season, they decided that they would not allow tenants to have anything outside of their stores (displays, signs etc…). Everything had to be within the “lease lines” and they actually went around, photographed each store, printed the picture and marked there everything had to be. Oh that made it fun for a lot of stores. Suddenly out entrances were cluttered and people were complaining that they couldn’t get their walkers, strollers or wheelchairs in. It’s not like by having a little bit of product or signs out that it interfered with mall traffic in the hallways. The hallways are huge! there’s plenty of space. But whatever, most stores disobeyed the rules, as did we.


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